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RDTL State Budget for 2009

Orsamentu Jeral Estadu RDTL tinan 2009

17 December 2009

Click for information on the 2010 General State Budget, the 2008 original or the 2008 mid-year budget.

On 24 November 2008, the RDTL Council of Ministers approved the General State Budget for 2009 (OGE2009), which was submitted to Parliament in early December. The total receipts from all sources are $1,344 million.

Link to final Budget Book 1 in English (also Portuguese.)
Link to final Budget Book 2 (Eng/Port)

Link to draft Budget Book 1 in English (also Portuguese.)
Link to draft Budget Book 2 (Eng/Port)
Link to La'o Hamutuk submission (also Tetum)

Expenditures from the State Budget total $681 million. Most of that will be paid with $589 million taken from the Petroleum Fund: $408 million newly Estimated as the Sustainable Income, plus $181 million more. The Prime Minister said that the Government plans to exceed the Sustainable Income in future years as well.

Some summary tables from the budget are reproduced lower down on this page. The 500-page Budget Book 1 can be downloaded as 4 MB English and Portuguese PDF files, including narrative texts, basic budget data and action plans from each Ministry. Book 2 (2 MB) which contains four-year expenditure plans for each department. More recent drafts may be on the Ministry of Finance website at

The Deputy Prime Minister's Explanation of the Motivations was not included in the Budget Books, but is here scanned from the original paper document, in Portuguese.

Part 6 (revenues), which describes how the Petroleum Fund is to be used, has been posted here, with annotations by La'o Hamutuk.

La'o Hamutuk made a submission to Parliament Commission C (also Tetum) in late December on some key concerns regarding the budget.

Parliament Commission C issued its report (Portuguese) on 14 January, and recommended that the budget not withdraw more money than the Estimated Sustainable Income. Parliament began its plenary debate the same day (summary in Tetum or Portuguese), with a speech by the Prime Minister. Since then, oil prices have continued to fall.

On 30 January, Parliament completed its plenary discussion of the budget. In the final vote (after approving each ministry's budget, some with small changes), the budget was passed with 40 affirmative votes (AMP plus Jacob Xavier from KOTA/PPT), 20 negative votes (Fretilin), 4 abstentions (PUN plus Cipriana Pereira of Fretilin) and 1 absent (Manuel Tilman from KOTA/PPT).

We will continue to post information on the budget as it becomes available.

Iha loron 24 Novembru, Konsellu Ministru sira aprova ona Orsamentu Jeral Estadu ba 2009, ne’ebé haruka ba Parlamentu Nasionál iha fulan Decembru. Receitas husi fonte hotu ne’ebé tau hamutuk mak miliaun (tokon) $1,344.

Liga ba final Dokumento Orsamental 1 iha lian Ingles (mos Portugues)
Liga ba final Dokumento Orsamental 2 (Eng/Port)

Liga ba esboso Kaderno Orsamento Geral I nian iha lian Ingles (mos iha lian Portugues)
Liga ba Documento Orçamental No. 2 (Eng/Port)
Liga ba Submisaun La'o Hamutuk (mos versaun Ingles)

Despesa total tokon $681 sei foti husi fundu estadu nian. Barak liu mak sei foti husi Fundu Petróleu hamutuk miliaun $589, ne’ebé tokon $181 resin liu tiha tokon $408 tuir estimatizasaun foun Rendementu Sustentavel. Primeriu Ministru dehan katak Governo sei gasta osan liu rendementu Sustentavel durante tinan balu iha futuru.

Tabela Sumario balun husi orsamento geral nian bele hetan iha kraik husi pagina ida ne’e. Primeiro livro orsamento geral nian tomak bele download ho 4 MB iha file PDF Ingles ka Portuguesa. Segundu livro iha Ingles no Portuguese (2 MB) hamutuk. Draft foun barak mak bele hetan iha website Ministerio Finansa nian iha

Esplikasaun kona ba Motivasaun husi Vice Primeiro Ministro nian la inclui iha kaderno Orsamento geral nian. maibe iha nee hetan husi foilha original documento nian iha lian Portuguesa.

Parte 6 (rendimento), nebe atu descobre oinsa atu uza  Fundo Petróleu, publika sai ona ho komentariu husi La'o Hamutuk.

La'o Hamutuk halo submisaun ba Parlamentu Komisaun C iha semana ikus fulan Dezembro kona ba asunto importante balu iha Orsamento Geral 2009.

Komisaun C Parlamentu Nasional hato'o relatorio ida ne'e (portuguese) iha loron 14 fulan Janeiro, no rekomenda katak orsamento geral estado nian labele hasai liu osan estimasaun rendimento sustentavel nian. Parlamento nasional hahu ona debates plenaria nian iha loron nebe hanesan mos. Depois, presu mina iha merkadu mundial tun nafatin.

Loron 30 fulan Janeiro, Parlamentu Nasional  vota aprovasaun final ba orsamentu, ho mudansa uituoan deit. Votus favor 40 (AMP no Jacob Xavier husi KOTA/PPT), 20 kontra (Fretilin), 4 abstein (PUN no Cipriana Pereira husi Fretilin) no ida la vota (Manuel Tilman husi  KOTA/PPT).

La'o Hamutuk sei publika informasan tan kona ba Orsamento Jeral 2009 bainhira ami simu. Hare ligasaun kraik ba hetan informasaun tan.

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