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Ex-Priest Richard Daschbach charged with sexually abusing children
Eis-padre Richard Daschbach akuza ba
abuzu seksuál hasoru labarik feto sira

8 March 2021. Updated 3 August 2022

Richard Daschbach iswas convicted in Oecussi District Court on charges of having sexually abused many underage Timorese girls over decades while he was running the Topu Honis orphanage in Oecusse, Timor-Leste. Daschbach, who came from the USA as a priest nearly fifty years ago, was defrocked by the Catholic Church in 2018 after he admitted the abuse during a Church investigation. The case, the first against a (former) priest in Timor-Leste, has become politicized, and misinformation has been widely circulating over social media.

La'o Hamutuk condemns sexual abuse of all kinds, and we support victims of such crimes.

Richard Daschbach hetan ona sentenza husi Tribunal Rejiaun Administrativa Espesiál Oecusse-Ambeno ho akuzasaun ba hahalok abuzu seksuál hasoru labarik feto barak durante dékada balu, bainhira nia maneja orfanatu Topo Honis iha Oecusse, Timor-Leste. Daschbach, ne’ebé mai husi Amérika nudár amu lulik besik tinan lima nulu liubá, demite husi Igreja Katólika iha tinan 2018 depois nia konfesa aktu abuzu refere durante investigasaun husi Igreja. Kazu ne’e politizadu ona, no informasaun ne’ebé laloos habelar iha rede sosiais.

La’o Hamutuk kondena kualkér tipu abuzu seksuál, no ami suporta vítima husi krime hanesan ne’e.

To help others understand this case, La'o Hamutuk has collected some relevant reports, documents and analyses below, with translations when available. The language of each downloadable file - in Tetum, English and/or Portuguese - is shown in parentheses (T,E,P). We welcome additional material, commentary and information. This page is not comprehensive, and the articles are in chronological order.Atu ajuda ema seluk komprende kazu ne’e, La’o Hamutuk rekolla ona artigu, dokumentu, no analiza balu iha kraik ne’e,  ho sira-nia tradusaun kedas bainhira iha karik. Ho linguajen sira ne’ebé bele download husi kada file - Tetun, Ingles ka Portugés - hatudu iha entre parénteze (T,E,P). Ami agradese ba matéria adisionál sira, komentáriu no informasaun.
  Date/ dataSource/ fonte

Official or original documents/Dokumentu ofisial ka orijinal


RDTL Código do Processo Penal / Kódigu ba Prosesu Penál (P,T)
RDTL Criminal Procedure Code (E)

2005DL 13/2005
 RDTL Código Penal / Kódigu Penál (P,T)
RDTL Penal Code (E)
2009DL 19/2009
 Open Letter from Donor to Topu Honis / Surat nakloke husi Doador ba Topu Honis (E,T)18 Oct 2019Tony Hamilton
 Karta CET: Papa Francisco Desidi Richard Daschbach Laos Ona Padre, hosi 6 Novembro 2018 (T)  Karta (T)28 Jan 2021Neon Metin

Testimony from Topu Honis Victim (E)    Video Lian-Sasin Topu-Honis (T)

21 Feb 2021Neon Metin

Video: Testimony from second Topu Honis Victim /  Lian-Sasin Topu-Honis II (T,E)

9 Mar 2021Neon Metin
 Indictment by U.S. court on seven counts of Engaging in Illicit Sexual Conduct against minors (E)
Also press release from U.S. Department of Justice (E)
27 Aug 2021U.S. Court system

Media articles / Artigu husi media

 Hasai padre tanba abuzu seksuál ba labarik sira iha Oecusse
Primeiro caso de pedofilia da Igreja Católica em Timor-Leste
Priest dismissed for sexual abuse of children in Oecusse (T,P,E)
1 Feb 2019Tempo Timor
 Australian sponsor of Topu Honis tells how priest admitted sexual abuse
Doador australiano de Topu Honis conta como padre admitiu abuso sexual (E,T)
11 Feb 2019Tempo Timor
 Interview with priest accused of sexually abusing children in Timor-Leste
"Haʼu nunka nega. Haʼu nunka konfirma. Haʼu so hateten de'it katak, ha'u laiha komentáriu" (E,T)
26 Feb 2019Tempo Timor

Ex-padre norte-americano acusado de abusos sexuais em TL detido para interrogatório
Former US priest accused of sexual abuse in East Timor arrested for questioning (P,E)

26 Apr 2019Lusa
 Igreja TL Elabora sistema Denunsia Abuzu Sexual Ba Labarik (T)28 Oct 2019Tempo Timor
 Ex-priest accused of child sexual abuse arrested in Oecusse
Eis Padre Suspeitu Abuzu Sexual fila ba Oekuse, PNTL Kaer Fali (E,T)
   Video (T)
13 Nov 2019Tempo Timor
 Ministério Público timorense pede 10 anos de prisăo para ex-padre acusado de abuso de crianças
Timorese prosecutor asks for 10 years in prison for ex-priest accused of child abuse (P,E)
22 Sep 2020Lusa
 Vaticano começou a investigar ex-padre acusado de abusos em Timor-Leste em 2016 (P)25 Sep 2020Lusa
 In East Timor, self-professed paedophile and former priest Richard Daschbach continues to evade justice (E)30 Jan 2021South China
Morning Post
 Ex-priest in sex case: Long battle for justice in TL
Eis-padre Iha Kazu Seksu: Funu Naruk Hodi Hetan Justisa Iha TL (E,T)
Feb 2021Rappler /
Neon Metin
 Ex-padre que será julgado em Timor tinha calendário para abusos
Former priest to be tried in Timor-Leste had schedule for abuse (P,E)
21 Feb 2021Lusa

Fear still marks the trial of a former priest in Timor-Leste enclave
Medo ainda marca julgamento de um ex-padre em Timor-Leste (E,P)

22 Feb 2021APR / Lusa
 Ex-padre acusado de abusos em Timor-Leste é procurado por fraude bancária nos EUA
Former priest accused of abuses in Timor-Leste is wanted for wire fraud in the U.S. (P,E)   Interpol notice (E)
22 Feb 2021Lusa
 Former priest on trial for sex abuse in Timor Leste (E)23 Feb 2021Al Jazeera

Julgamento ex-padre acusado de abuso de crianças em Timor-Leste continua em março
Trial of ex-priest accused of child abuse in Timor-Leste continues in March (P,E)

23 Feb 2021


 Julgamento de ex-padre acusado de abuso de menores em Timor-Leste adiado para maio
Trial of former priest accused of child abuse in Timor-Leste postponed until May (P,E)

19 Mar 2021


 Defrocked US priest revered in East Timor accused of abuse (E)  also photos (E)7 Apr 2021AP
 Exporting abusive priests: Catholic religious order based near Northbrook reveals abusers (E)14 May 2021Chicago Sun-Times
 'A ticking time bomb': Timor-Leste begins to reckon with alleged Catholic church sex abuse (E)22 May 2021The Guardian
 Advogados das vítimas de ex-padre em Timor-Leste questionam adiamento do processo
Lawyers for victims of former priest in Timor-Leste question postponement of the process (P,E)
25 May 2021Lusa
 The disgraced priest, the children’s shelter and a fight for justice in East Timor(E)7 June 2021Sydney
Morning Herald
 Kazu Topu Honis, Julgamentu Loron Daruak La Kontinua no Adia ba Loron 5 Jullu (T)10 June 2021Neon Metin
 Timor-Leste trial of the century plays out on social media (E) 23 June 2021UCA News
 ‘Don’t be disrespectful. He’ll be upset if you don’t sleep with him’ (E)26 June 2021Sydney
Morning Herald
 Julgamentu Kazu Topu Honis Hahu Ohin Loron, RD no Vitima nain 6 Sei Marka Prezensa
Tribunal Kontinua Rona Deklarasaun Husi Sasin (T)
5-7 July 2021Neon Metin
 ‘You know we are going to kill you’: Ex-priest’s chilling threat to lawyer (E)
Press release from JU,S (E,T,P)
14 July 2021Sydney
Morning Herald
 Timor-Leste archbishop in plea over ex-priest's sex abuse case (E)  Karta husi Arquidiocese Metropolitana de Dili (T)24 July 2021UCA News
 ENTREVISTA: Conferęncia Episcopal Timorense tem novo protocolo para suspeitas de abusos
INTERVIEW: Bishops' Conference of Timor-Leste has a new protocol for dealing with cases of suspected abuse (P,E)
14 Aug 2021Lusa
 ‘Vatican found RJD guilty of sexual abuse of children in Topu Honis’(E) interview with SVD spokesperson in Rome19 Aug 2021Tempo Timor
 Kazu Topu Honis, Tribunal Oe-cusse Sei Rona Deklarasaun Husi Sasin Padre JSG Husi SVD (T)24 Sep 2021Neon Metin
 Kazu Topu Honis, TDO Ohin Rona Deklarasaun Sasin Husi Arguido RD (T)27 Sep 2021Neon Metin
 21 Dezembru Tribunal Oecusse Anunsia Desizaun ba Richard Daschbach, Vitima Husu Kastigu (T)26 Nov 2021Neon Metin
 Sentença de ex-padre julgado por abusos sexuais menores em Timor-Leste lida em dezembro
Former Priest's sentence judged for minor sexual abuse in Timor-Leste will be read in December (P,E)
29 Nov 2021Lusa
 American ex-priest in East Timor found guilty of sex abuse (E)21 Dec 2021AP
 Desizaun Final Tribunal Oecusse Richard Dascbach ba Komarka Tinan 12 Xanana Sai Hosi Tribunal (T)
     Inklui artigu balu ho komentáriu husi advogadu/a sira
21 Dec 2021Neon Metin
 Julgamento de ex-padre condenado a 12 anos em Timor-Leste detalha abusos
Judgement of former priest sentenced to 12 years in Timor-Leste details abuses (P,E)
21 Dec 2021Lusa
 Timor-Leste court gives defrocked pedophile priest 12 years (E)21 Dec 2021UCA News
 JU,S Submete Rekursu Iha TDO Ba Kazu RD, Pena Tinan 12 La Refleta Proporsionálidade Ba Kazu Abuzu Sexual (T)
(JU,S submits appeal in Oecussi District Court on RD case, 12 year sentence is not proportional to sexual abuse case)
10 Jan 2022Neon Metin
 Advogadu hatama rekursu husu rejulgamentu no absolve Richard Daschbach (T)
(Attorney files appeal asking for retrial and acquittal of Richard Daschbach)
11 Jan 2022Oekusi Post
 Tribunal de Timor-Leste rejeita recurso de ex-padre condenado por abuso de menores
Timor-Leste court rejects appeal by former priest convicted of child abuse  (P,E)
25 Jul 2022Lusa

Commentary and Analysis / Komentariu no analiza

 Ramos-Horta: priest who sexually abused children in Timor-Leste should be in prison (E)13 Feb 2019Tempo Timor
 Fokupers: "Bainhira Amo-Lulik ida book parte íntimu hosi labarik nia isin-lolon, ne’e mak krime"
Fokupers: ‘It is a crime when a priest touches intimate parts of the body of a child’ (T,E)
1 Mar 2019Tempo Timor
 Conselhu Imprensa: Nota de Imprensa Sobre as Notícias da Visita de Xanana Ao Ex-Padre (P) 5 Feb 2021Conselhu Imprensa
 JU,S announcement on upcoming trial (T,E)21 Feb 2021J,US
 Ato "Lekinawa" da Costa: Violasaun Sexual: Hosi Militar Soeharto to'o Daschbach Topu Honis (T)21 Feb 2021Neon Metin

Sara Niner: Political leadership, patriarchal relationships, and the paedophile priest (E)

26 Feb 2021

Monash Uni. Lens

 Alau: Pedofilia No Sira Nia Hahalok (T)26 Feb 2021Alau's blog

Antonio Sampaio: Justiça, Media, Abusos e o caso de RD / Justice, Media, Abuses and the case of RD (P,E)

26 Feb 2021


 Fundasaun Mahein: Political interventions undermine the rule of law and the fight against abuse (E)4 Mar 2021Fundasaun Mahein
 Li-Li Chen: Refleta Ba Violensia Estrutural Iha Kazu Topu Honis
Reflecting on the structural violence in the case of Topu Honis (T,E)
5 Mar 2021Neon Metin
Timor Post
 Komunikadu Imprensa sobre Kazu Eis Padre Richard Daschbach husi SVD (T)11 Mar 2021SVD Timor-Leste
 JSMP requests for all parties to show respect and have confidence in the courts to carry out their role independently and impartially (E)
JSMP husu atu parte hotu respeita no fó konfiansa ba tribunál atu hala'o nia kna'ar ho independente no imparsiál (T)
14 Mar 2021JSMP
 Oekusi District Court adjourns trial of Topu Honis case: JSMP urges the use of a teleconference as an alternative method (E)
Tribunál Distritál Oekusi adia julgamentu ba kazu Topu Honis: JSMP husu atu uza meu alterativu ho telekonferénsia (T)
26 May 2021JSMP
 “Mana sira, imi tenke kalma” (T)31 May 2021JU,S in Timor Post
 Timor-Leste vs Richard Daschbach (E)9 June 2021JU,S in Devpolicy blog
 Joăo da Cruz Cardoso: Food for thought / Hanoin simples (E,T)20 June 2021Facebook
 Kazu abuzu seksuál: Presiza iha unidade atu respeita no suporta vítima, no asegura prosesu justisa la’o ho efetivu (T)
Sexual abuse case: We must come together to respect and support victims and to ensure that the justice process moves along (E)
8 July 2021La'o Hamutuk
 Deklarasaun kona-ba Serbisu JU,S Relasional ho Kazu Akuzasaun Ministeriu Publiku hasoru eis-Padre ho Inisial RD (T)28 July 2021JU,S
 Deklarasaun kona-ba Konkluzaun Audiénsia Kazu Abuzu Seksuál hasoru Labarik iha Tribunál Distritál Oecusse
Declaration on the Conclusion of the Hearings on Child Sexual Abuse before the Oecusse District Court  (T,E)
6 Dec 2021JU,S
 A Demora no Relato de Violęncia Sexual: Uma Perspetiva Jurídica (P)15 Dec 2021JU,S
 Guilty Verdict on Crimes of Sexual Abuse Against Children by Ex-Priest Welcomed However does Not Reflect the Severity of the Crimes
Eis-Padre Hetan Kondenasaun ba Abuzu Seksuál Hasoru Labarik Maibé Hetan Pena Prizaun La Reflete Gravidade hosi Krime (T,E)
21 Dec 2021JU,S

Ministru Públiku akuza eis Padre komete krime abuzu seksuál hasoru labarik feto sira (T)

15 Jan 2022La'o Hamutuk


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