Timor Sea Office
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AAbout TSO
Archive, legal texts
Archive, press
BBayu-Undan fact sheet
Bayu-Undan map
EEquidistance, principle of
Equidistance map
Exchange of Notes
FFact sheets


   Greater Sunrise

   Maritime boundaries

   Revenue management


    Timor Sea Treaty
GGreater Sunrise fact sheet
Greater Sunrise map
HHistory of the TSO
IInternational Unitisation Agreement
JJoint Petroleum Development Area
Joint Petroleum Development Area map
Journal articles
LLegal documents
   Exchange of Notes
   International Unitisation Agreement
   Maritime Zones Act
   Memorandum of Understanding
    Taxation of Bayu-Undan Contractors Act
    Tax Stability Act
   Timor Sea Treaty
Legal regime
    Greater Sunrise
   Joint Petroleum Development Area
   Maritime Zones Act
   Timor "Gap"   
Maritime boundaries fact sheet
Maritime Zones Act
Maritime Zones Act map
Memorandum of Understanding
OOsaka Gas
PPortuguese site
Press releases
Press articles
RRestraint map
Restraint, obligation of
Revenue management fact sheet
TTax Stability Act
Taxation of Bayu-Undan Contractors
 Tetum site
 Timor "Gap"
Timor "Gap" map
Timor Sea Treaty
Timor Sea Treaty fact sheet
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