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Aid, Trade and Oil: Australia's Second Betrayal of East Timor (PDF) - Tim Anderson from Journal of Australian Political Economy, No 52, December 2003

The Timor Gap, Wonosobo and the Fate of Portuguese Timor (PDF) - Robert J. King from Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society, volume 88, part 1, June 2002.

Spatial allocation of Continental Shelf Rights in the Timor Sea: Reflections on Maritime Delimitation and Joint Development (PDF) - Nuno Sérgio Marques Antunes.
Postscript to the above article.

Reflecting on the Legal-Technical Interface of Article 76 of the LOSC: Tentative Thoughts on Practical Implementation (PDF) - Nuno Sérgio Marques Antunes and Fernando Maia Pimentel, ABLOS Conference Paper, 28-30 October 2003

Timor Sea: messy politics (PDF) - James Gavin from the Petroleum Economist, March 2004

Hands off my petroleum! (PDF) - Tom Dusevic from Time Magazine, 10 May 2004

East Timor: Oil Futures (PDF) - John McBeth from Far Eastern Economic Review, 17 June 2004

East Timor Oil: Canberra's Sea of Troubles (PDF) - John McBeth from Far Eastern Economic Review, 8 July 2004

Closing the Timor Gap Fairly and in a Timely Manner (PDF) - Frank Brennan SJ, 3 September 2004

Beneath the sea: Determining a maritime boundary between Australia and East Timor (PDF) - Natalie Bugalski from the Alternative Law Journal 29:6, December 2004

Timor-Leste position paper on the Australian submission to the CLCS, 11 February 2005

East Timor/Australia Talks (PDF) - Madeleine Byrne from New Matilda, 16 March 2005



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