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The Development Management Team Bayu-Undan Gas Recycle Project Development Team


Ulsan Site - Korea

Deck & Pipes Deck & Pipes Deck & Pipes Deck-Lift Deck-Lift Deck-Lift Deck-Lift

Construction of CUQ & DPP Decks


Batam Site - Indonesia

Construction of Jacket

Rollup of Jacket

Pile Rack- Bevelling of Spliced DPP Leg Cans Row P3Pipe Mill No. 1 - Splicing of DPP Leg Cans Row P3 # 5-6-7-8 Leg Pipes Bending Steel Crane Leg Fabrication


Construction of Buoyancy Tanks

Buoancy Tank Lift


Construction of Bridge


CUQ & DPP Jackets Begin Journey to Timor Sea


Singapore Site

Jacket Legs - A1 & B1 assembly Jacket Legs - A2 & B2 assembly

Deck Lift Jacket Overview

Construction of WP1 Jacket


Construction of WP1 Deck


Lift of WP1 Jacket


WP1 Site Team


WP1 Jacket & Deck on Barge

WP1 Jacket & Deck begin Journey to Timor Sea


Koje Site - Korea

ContractSign 150600-01

Signing of Contract


shi layout

Overview of Koje City


Koje Site Team at FSO Keel Laying Ceremony


Construction of FSO


Bayu-Undan Field, Timor Sea

Chiles Discovery Rig


WP1 Jacket In Field


Derrick Barge


WP1 Template Installation


WP1 Jacket Lift


WP1 Deck Lift


WP1 Installed

Please note that all references to Phillips or Phillips Petroleum on this page refer to Phillips Petroleum (91-12) Pty Ltd as Unit Operator for the Bayu-Undan development, except as specifically mentioned otherwise.

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