Engineering And Design


The Bayu-Undan surface facilities include:

  • A Central Production and Processing Complex (CPP) comprising two platforms: the Drilling, Production and Processing platform (BU-DPP), Utilities and Quarters platform (BU-CUQ).
  • An unmanned Wellhead Platform (BU-WP1)
  • A Floating Storage and Offloading Facility (BU-FSO)
  • The field will be developed with two drilling centres: the BU-DPP and the BU-WP1. These facilities are designed for drilling using a jack-up rig in cantilever mode. Wellstream fluids will be exported from the BU-WP1 for processing on the CPP. Sales-quality condensate, propane and butane will be produced on the CPP, then exported to and stored on the BU-FSO. The Lean Gas will be re-injected.


    The Facilites


    The BU-CUQ deck is a three-level integrated deck (11.5m deck separation) approximately 64m by 54m. The deck will be installed over the jacket via a "float-over" installation method and is bridge-linked to the BU-DPP.

    Other features include:

    • a fully integrated, three-level living quarters building and associated helideck

    • two crane pedestals

    • Power Generation and Waste Heat Recovery Units

    • Re-Injection Compressors


    The BU-DPP platform is bridge-linked to the BU-CUQ platform.             

    The BU-DPP deck is a three-level integrated deck of similar dimensions to the BU-CUQ. It will also be installed using a "floatover" method.

    The DPP Platform contains most of the process equipment for dehydration and fractionation of the wellstream fluids.







    The BU-WP1 is an unmanned platform and the topsides consist of a single, integrated module with two primary deck levels (dimensions 17.7m by 24.2m).

    A pedestal crane is located at the south-east corner and has a  design capacity of approximately 28 tonnes to handle wireline and workover equipment.              

    A helideck is located five metres above main deck with the     south west corner of the platform.

    A dayroom will provide for meal breaks and also act as emergency shelter for anyone who may become stranded on the platform overnight.



    The substructures for the CUQ and DPP are designed, using high strength steel, to withstand extreme cyclone and earthquake events as well as accidental boat collisions. Each substructure is eight legged, approximately 90 metres high, weighs approximately 6,500 tonne and has four vertical sides, with plan dimensions of 48.0 metres wide by 50.0 metres long.

    The key feature of the jackets is an open slot at the top to accommodate the barge for mating the topsides with the jacket, using the floatover technique. The BU-DPP accommodates sixteen well slots and supports the risers for the pipelines to and from the BU-WP1 and to the BU-FSO.

    The flare bridge is 216 metres long, supported by a tripod substructure and is triangular in cross section. It provides personnel access to the flare tip and carries the High Pressure (HP), Low Pressure (LP) flare and atmospheric vent lines.

    The BU-FSO is located approximately two kilometres from the CPP flare tip and is a permanently turret-moored facility linked by pipeline from the CPP. It receives sales-specification propane, butane and condensate at ambient temperature, as well as fuel gas for power generation. The BU-FSO topsides include a LPG refrigeration plant. A reliquefaction plant handles the boil-off from the propane and butane storage tanks. Condensate offloading will be to a shuttle tanker in a tandem arrangement. Propane and butane offloading will be by means of a side –to-side arrangement.

    Approximate facility dimensions will be:

    Length overall 270m

    Breadth moulded 51m

    Depth moulded 34m

    Displacement 200,000 tonnes

    Storage capacity :

    Propane 47,500 m3

    Butane 47,500 m3

    Condensate 130,000m3



    Please note that all references to Phillips or Phillips Petroleum on this page refer to Phillips Petroleum (91-12) Pty Ltd as Unit Operator for the Bayu-Undan development, except as specifically mentioned otherwise.

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