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Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative High-Level Multistakeholder Conference

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Publish What You Pay Conference Summary

The conference was a broadly positive public gathering of international, high-level stakeholders that gave wide endorsement of the EITI Statement of Principles and Agreed Actions. It was announced that five to eight potential pilot countries would initiate the proposed voluntary country-level compacts at national levels.

The EITI Statement will be important for the Publish What You Pay NGO coalition to refer to in its work with regulators to implement payments disclosure by companies on a country-by-country basis. Whilst some of the EITI pilot countries may succeed in accomplishing payments and revenues disclosure, the PWYP coalition's point that the proposal for voluntary approach at national levels will not deliver in the countries where transparency is most needed was evidenced by the decision of the Angolan government to act as an "observer" only in the EITI multi-stakeholder process.

The buy-in by the group of 35 investors, managing some US$3 trillion, in supporting company payments disclosure is a very significant point that will have an important influence on the way forward on the EITI.

Publish What You Pay EITI Stakeholder Progress Guide

These lists seek to recognise the leadership shown by the company and government stakeholders that participated in the EITI High-Level Multi-Stakeholder Conference. Their intention is to highlight the encouraging contributions made by stakeholders to the EITI process and the commitments that they have expressed to work towards its success.

The EITI has the potential to deliver real change in resource-rich-but-poor countries whose citizenry are negatively affected by the lack of transparency over the management of revenues made from the oil, gas and mining sector and so it is hoped that further stakeholders can be added to these lists in the very near future.


Whilst the level of support expressed by the companies that attended the EITI High-Level Multi-Stakeholder Conference to the objectives, principles and actions of the EITI was very positive, Publish What You Pay would like to highlight the following companies that not only endorsed the initiative openly and publicly, but firmly:

  1. Committed to the principles and actions as set out in the EITI Statement of Principles and Agreed Actions
  2. Recognised the immediate need to work with their industry counterparts to deliver results in all countries where they operate
  3. Stated to cooperate fully with host governments to implement an effective framework for payments disclosure

In alphabetical order:

Anglo American



Rio Tinto




The following governments indicated at the EITI Conference clear leadership and full commitment to the EITI. In alphabetical order:

East Timor*
France ^
Norway ^
Sierra Leone *
Trinidad & Tobago*
United Kingdom ^

* Indicates the countries that stated a commitment to pilot the EITI.

^ Indicates the governments that declared the intention to contribute funding for capacity building, diplomatic outreach and technical assistance to resource-rich countries willing to pilot the EITI at a national level.

Publish What You Pay also wishes to acknowledge the group of Investors present at the Conference for their positive statements.

Last updated: 18 June 2003

When worthy of recognition further stakeholders will be added. Please contact PWYP.

PWYP NGO Coalition Statement to the EITI (PDF File)

Civil Society and NGO Statements to the EITI

NGO Press Releases on the EITI

EITI Statement of Principles and Agreed Actions
This is a document that has been produced by the EITI multi-stakeholder process, led by the UK Department for International Development.

EITI Reporting Guidelines (PDF File)
This is a document that has been produced by the EITI multi-stakeholder process, led by the UK Department for International Development.

Background Information on the EITI

Company and Government Statements from the Conference

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