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"Publish What You Pay" appeal signatories

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Publish You Pay November Newsletter (Adobe PDF)

CRS "Bottom of the Barrel" Report in French and Portuguese

If your organization would like to sign up to this appeal, please send an email to

Read the Statement of Principles agreed to by all the signatories:
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The following non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are signatories to the "Publish What You Pay" appeal:

11.11.11. (Belgium)
Accao para o Desenvolvimento, Pesquisa e cooperacao Internacional (Angola)
Action Aid United Kingdom
Association for Accounting & Business Affairs- Off Shore Watch (United Kingdom)
African Oil Policy Initiative Group (United States)
Africa Centre for Constitutional Development (Nigeria)
Africa Files
African Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (Nigeria)
Agencia Ecumenica para o Desenvolvimento Social em Angola (Angola)
Agir Ici (France)
Al Dugan Foundation (USA)
Amnesty International Netherlands
Amnesty International United Kingdom
Association Algerienne de Lutte contre la Corruption (Algeria)
Association Burundaise des Consommateurs (Burundi)
Association Nigerienne de Lutte contre la Corruption (Nigeria)
Association SHERPA (France)
Attac (France)
Australian Council for Overseas Aid
Banneker Center for Economic Justice (United States)
Berne Declaration (Switzerland)
Botswana Council of NGOs (Botswana)
Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Brazil)
Broederlijk Delen (Belgium)
Bureau on Human Rights and Rule of Law (Kyrgyzstan)
The Burma Campaign (United Kingdom)
Campaign Against Arms Trade (United Kingdom)
Catholic Institute for International Relations (United Kingdom)
CARE International (International Secretariat)
CARE France
CARE International UK (United Kingdom)
Caritas Norway
Caspian Revenue Watch
Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (United Kingdom)
Catholic Relief Sevices (United States)
Caucasus Environment (Georgia)
CEE Bankwatch Network (Czech Republic) and
CEFOD (Chad)
Center for Economic and Social Rights (United States)
Pax Christi, German Section - Central Africa Commission (Germany)
Centre for Democracy and Development (Nigeria/United Kingdom)
Centre for Development, Constitutionalism and Peace Advocacy (Nigeria)
Centre pour l'Environnement et le D‚veloppement (Cameroon)
Centre for Minority Rights Development (Kenya)
Centre for Social Development of Cambodia (Cambodia)
Christian Aid (United Kingdom)
CIMADE (France)
Collectif "Total (ex-Elf) ne doit pas faire la loi" (France)
Comboni Missionaries (Bari, Italy)
Comite d'Action pour le Development Integral (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Community Rights Initiative (Nigeria)
Community Technology Trust (Zimbabwe)
Concern for Development Initiatives in Africa (Tanzania)
Conflicts over Natural Resources Solidarity Network
Cordaid (The Netherlands)
Corner House (United Kingdom)
Corporaci˘n Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos (Chile)
Corporate Knights (Canada)
Earth Rights Institute (USA)
Ecological Society Green Salvation (Kazakhstan)
Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (United Kingdom)
Ecumenical Network Central Africa (Germany)
EITD Research (Cameroon)
Engineers Against Poverty (United Kingdom)
EU-CORD Network (Europe)
Environmental Defense (United States)
Fastenopfer (Switzerland)
Fatal Transactions
F‚d‚ration internationale des ligues des droits de l'Homme (France)
Forest Peoples Programme (United Kingdom)
Forum Civil (Senegal)
Forum Voor Vredesactie (Belgium)
Friends of the Earth (United Kingdom)
Friends of the Earth (USA)
German Pacific Solidarity Network (Germany)
Germanwatch (Germany)
Global Witness (United Kingdom)
Home (Kazakhstan)
Helping Hands Group (Nigeria)
Human Rights Watch (United States)
Ijaw Council for Human Rights (Nigeria)
Inicitiva Angolana Antimilitarista para os Direitos Humanos (Angola/Germany)
Initiative Pro Africa (Germany)
Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (Slovakia)
Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (Nigeria)
Intermon Oxfam (Spain)
International Crisis Group
ISR Info (France)
Journalists in Need
Justice et Paix France
Justica Paz e Democracia (Angola)
Kyrgyz Committee for Human Rights (Kyrgyztan)
La Commission Justice et Paix de Pointe-Noire (Congo-Brazzaville)
Lawyers' Environmental Action Team (Tanzania)
Le Defi African (Congo-Brazzaville)
Liga Jubileu 2000 Angola
Medico Internacional (Germany)
Mineral Policy Center (United States)
Mineral Policy Institute (Australia)
Mission East
Mouvement Humaniste (France)
National Resources Defense Council (United States)
Netherlands Institute for Southern Africa (Netherlands)
Network for African Peace Builders (Zambia)
Niger Delta Professionals For Development (Nigeria)
The Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development (Norway)
Novib (Netherlands)
Observatoire Congolaise des Droits de l'Homme (Congo-Brazzaville)
OIKOS (Angola)
One World Action (United Kingdom)
Open Society Institute (Hungary)
Operation Young Vote (Zambia)
Our Niger Delta (Nigeria) NA
Oxfam America (United States)
Oxfam (United Kingdom)
Pan African Civil Society Network
Partnership Africa Canada
Pax Christi International
Pax Christi Netherlands
Pax Christi Flandres
Polish Association for Legal Education (Poland)
Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum (United Kingdom)
Public Finance Monitoring Centre (Azerbaijan)
Public Policy Research Centre (Kazakhstan)
Public Service Accountability Monitor (South Africa)
Renaissance Africaine
Save the Children (United Kingdom)
Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (UK)
Secours Catholique /CARITAS France
Step-Up (Sao Tome e Principe)
Social Justcie Advocates of Placer County
SOLIDAR (Belgium)
Survie (France)
Tanzania Association of NGOs (Tanzania)
Tearfund (United Kingdom)
Transnational Corporations Observatory
Transparency International (Australia)
Transparency International (Azerbaijan)
Transparency International (Cameroon)
Transparency International (France)
Transparency International (Germany)
Transparency International (Kazakhstan)
Transparency International (Kenya)
Transparency International (Indonesia)
Transparency International (Mauritius)
Transparency International (United Kingdom)
Transparency International (Zambia)
United Nations Association (United Kingdom)
Urgewald (Germany)
Die Verbraucher Initiative (Germany)
War Child Canada
War on Want (United Kingdom)
Wassa Association of Communities Affected by Mining (Ghana) NA
West African NGO Network
Western Sahara Campaign
Women's Ray / Female Beam (Kazakhstan)
World Economy, Ecology & Development Association (Germany)
Yonge Nawe Environmental Action Group (Swaziland)
Zero Corruption Coalition (Nigeria)
Zimbabwe Democracy Trust (USA)