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Off-take tankers will be moored in tandem for crude oil transfer via an off-take loading hose.  
Licence AC/P8 Re-issued 1991 
WA/260-P Issued 1995 
AC/LC Issued 1997 
Water Depth 325 m - 420 m 
Distance to Darwin 550 km 
Reinjection of Excess Gas  
Prepared for Low - Nox  
Burners on Turbines  
Produced Water Treatment (hydrocyclones)  
Design Capacities  
Oil Production 27,000 Sm3/sd 
Gross Capacity 38,000 Sm3/sd 
Gas Re-injection (gas / LPO) 1.2 MMSm3/sd 
Gas Lift 1.7 MMSm3/sd 
Number of Wells (at Start-Up)  
Oil Producer (L) 
Oil Producer (C) 
Gas Injectors 
Reservoir Data  
Depth to Oil / Water Contact 3,288 mss 
Oil Column 103 m (Lam-1) 
Gas / Oil Ratio 42 Sm3 / Sm3 
FPSO Data  
Storage 1.4 million bbl 
Length Overall 273 m 
Width Overall 50 m 
Height to Upper Deck 28 m 
Draught 18.7 m 
Displacement 222,000 tonnes 
Lt. Unit Weight (phase I) 30,300 tonnes 
Lt. Unit Weight (phase II) 43,500 tonnes 
Exploration and Appraisal Wells  
Laminaria-1 Drilled in Oct 1994 (discovery well) 
Laminaria-2 Drilled in May 1995 
Laminaria-3 and Drilled in Oct-Dec 1995 
Laminaria-3 s/track (appraisal wells) 
Corallina-1 Drilled in Dec 1995 
Investments Phase I (including drilling) A$ 1.3 billion 
Drainage Strategy Natural Water Influx 
Gas Lifted Production  
Gas Injection  
Number of Risers (at Start-Up)  
Production (2L, 1C) 
Gas Injection 
Gas Lift etc 
Electro-hydraulic Umbilical 
Accommodation (FPSO)  
Maximum Capacity 94 persons 
Normal Manning during Operations 37 persons 
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