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Joint Declaration

in response to the recommendations of the report of the UN Independent Special Commission of Inquiry on the conflict of April and May 2006 in Timor-Leste

From the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice (PDHJ) and the NGO Human Rights Monitoring Network (RMDH)

Tetum original follows below


The Independent Commission of Inquiry delivered its report to Parliament on 17 October 2006. The Commission encouraged the Office of the Provedor for Human Rights and Justice and NGOs to continue monitoring of the progress of cases linked to the events of April and May 2006. Through this declaration we would like to state that some parts of the process have been going well and also to offer our observations and recommendations.

 Recommendations for compensation for the victims:

  • We very much support Government Resolution No. 9/2006 of 13 December to provide social assistance to the victims of the crisis, including members of the national police (PNTL), military (F-FDTL) and the general population who died, were wounded, or lost their houses or small businesses.

  • We appreciate that the Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion (MTRC) has drafted a Decree Law to be sent to the Council of Ministers which will set up a special pension for families of members of PNTL and F-FDTL who lost their lives while carrying out their work. We think that the Government should allocate a specific budget for this. We urgently we ask the Parliament to consider the budget proposal, as it is essential to address the needs of the victims quickly.

  • We would like to stress that assistance to widows should be a package which also includes assistance to orphans who lost one or both of their parents during the crisis. We suggest that MTRC prepares a special assistance package for orphans.

  • We know that the government, through MTRC and the Ministry of Public Works, is providing social assistance (construction material) to people who chose to return to their birthplaces in the districts. We ask the government to verify carefully the information those people give, and we ask the people to give the government accurate information about what they lost during the crisis. 

 Recommendations for disciplinary and administrative sanctions for actors in the crisis:

  • About the PNTL screening process, we recommend to UNMIT and the Ministry of the Interior that they conduct only one process to avoid confusing the public and PNTL members. We also recommend they give information to the public about the current status of that process.

  • We recommend the implementation of a re-evaluation process for the institution of F-FDTL. Both institutions, PNTL and F-FDTL, were involved in the crisis. A re-evaluation of the F-FDTL institution would be an important step toward restoring public confidence in this historic institution. It would also show that there is no discrimination in the treatment of the two institutions. We also insist that the Parliament and the Government publish as soon as possible the results of the investigation of the Notables Commission, so that the public can know whether there was discrimination within F-FDTL. This would be an important step toward building public trust in the work of all recently-established commissions.

  • We ask the government to take legal measures toward public officials who were involved in the crisis.

Recommendations for the judicial process:

  • The trial of the former Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato, and other accused persons is going well, and this can help the judicial institutions regain credibility. However, we have observed some witnesses inside the court room before they gave their testimony. This needs attention from the judiciary so that it doesnt recur in the future.  We also observed that the judge sometimes loses patience with witnesses during this trial. This can reduce the willingness of witnesses to testify in court, especially witnesses from rural areas who have not yet experienced a judicial process. Our position is that everyone should tell the truth in court, freely, with good intentions and without fear.

  • We recognize that each  party has the right to bring many witnesses to the trial to defend their position, but we suggest that all parties call only witnesses whose testimony is productive and truly relevant to the case. This is important to make the court process efficient.

  • We recognize that the conducting judicial processes for all cases which took place during the crisis is difficult. We suggest that the international community, the United Nations and the RDTL Government give maximum administrative and human resources support to the public prosecution to help ensure that the process is quick and fair. We also recommend that UNPOL provide maximum support to the public prosecution in the area of investigation, so that the process can go ahead expeditiously. We understand the judges decision to give conditional release to the suspect Maun Kiak because the investigation might not go ahead. However we suggest that the investigation process be improved to guarantee the right of suspects to a speedy and fair trial.

  • We agree that other cases should be investigated such as Abilio Mausoko, Alfredo Reinado as well as the case of the shooting of the 8 PNTL on May 25. For this particular case and other cases of the crisis, we recommend that the investigation process go quickly to bring all the authors of the crisis to court. Our observation is that the court doesnt have sufficient resources to finish all the cases, especially the judge and the prosecutor. We recommend that the Government, the UN and the International Community pay attention to this matter, especially to increase the number of judges and prosecutors, including asking the international Deputy Prosecutor-General to oversee cases from this crisis.

Recommendations on security:

  • Our observation is that security for the witnesses, defendants, complainants, court and prisons is inadequate. Some key witnesses who alleged the distribution of weapons to civil population claim that they have been received threats and been shot at. We recommend that UNPOL and the Ministry of Interior provide maximum security support for the whole judicial process, as well as for the witnesses and the judicial actors. We suggest that the Ministry of Justice lead the process of creating a law on witness protection and we from the civil society are ready to collaborate in this process.

NGO Forum, 5 February 2007.

Representative of Provedor of Human Rights and Justice

NGO Forum and its members:
Representative Judicial System Monitoring Programme
Representative Forum Tau Matan (Watch Forum)
Representative Alola Foundation
Representative Rede Monitoring Direitos Humanos (Human Rights Monitoring Network)

Deklarasaun Hamutuk

Responde ba Rekomendasaun husi Relatoriu Komisaun Inkeritu Independente ONU nian iha Timor-Leste

ba Konflitu Abril too Maiu 2006



Komisaun Inkeritu Independente (KII) hatoo ninia relatoriu ba Parlementu iha 17 Outubru 2006. Komisaun fo korajen ba Provedor dos Direitus Humanus e Justisa (PDHJ) no ONG sira atu kontinua halo monitorizasaun ba prosesu kazu neeb mosu durante krise. Ami liu hosi deklarasaun ida nee hakarak hatoo katak ami haree katak buat ruma lao diak tiha ona no ami mos hakarak hatoo ami nia observasaun no rekomendasaun tuir mai nee:

Kona-ba rekomendasaun ba reparasaun ba vitima:

  • Ami apoiu makaas Resolusaun Governu iha 13 Dezembru 2006 katak Governu sei fornese asistensia sosial ba vitima krise husi parte PNTL, F-FDTL no vitima husi populasaun sivil neeb mate, kanek, lakon uma ka sira negosiu kiik,

  • Ami kontente katak Ministeriu Trabalho (MTRC) prepara ona dekretu lei atu haruka ba Konselu Ministru kona-ba pensaun espesial ba membrus PNTL no F-FDTL nebe lakon vida durante hala sira nia knar. Relasaun ho ida ne, ami hatene katak estadu presiza aloka orsamentu espesifiku ba area ida ne. Nunee ami fo korajen ba Parlementu Nasional atu hare asuntu proposta orsamentu  ne hanesan asuntu importante no urjente hodi bele responde ba nesesidade vitima sira nian;

  • Ami hakarak garantia katak, asistensia sosial ba feto faluk tenke hare hanesan pakoti ida nebe kobre mos asistensia ba oan kiak (aman/inan/aman-inan mate) durante krise. Ami sujere atu MTRC tenke prepara pakoti asistensia sosial espesial ba oan kiak sira;

  • Ami hatene katak Governu, liu hosi MTRC no Ministeriu Obras Publiku, fornese asistensia sosial (material ba rekonstrusaun) ba populasaun nebe hili fila ba sira nia moris fatin iha distritu. Ami husu ba Governu atu verifika didiak informasaun neeb populasaun hatoo, no husu ba populasaun atu fo informasaun neeb klaru no lolos konaba buat neeb lakon durante krise.

Kona-ba rekomendasaun ba sansaun disiplinariu no admininstrativu ba ator krise nian:

  • Konaba prosesu screening ba PNTL, ami rekomenda ba UNMIT no Ministeriu Interior atu halo prosesu ida deit, atu la halo konfusaun ba publiku no membru PNTL sira, no mos atu fo informasaun publiku konaba prosesu screening agora too iha neeb,

  • Ami rekomenda mos katak presiza atu halo re-avaliasaun ba instituisaun F-FDTL. Instituisaun F-FDTL no PNTL involve iha krise ne. Re-avaliasaun ba instituisaun F-FDTL importante hanesan pasu ida hodi hadiak fila-fali konfiansa publiku ba instituisaun historiku ne. Ida ne mos hodi justifika ba publiku katak laiha tratamentu diskriminativu ba instituisaun rua ne. Ami mos ejiji ba Parlementu no Governu atu fo sai lalais resultadu husi Investigasaun Komisaun Notaveis nian atu nune publiku bele hatene akontese duni tratamentu diskriminativu iha instituisaun F-FDTL ka lae. Ida ne hanesan pasu importante hadiak fiar ba servisu komisaun-komisaun neeb estabelese tiha ona;

  • Ami husu Governu atu halo medidas tuir lei ba oficiis publiku neeb involve iha krise.

Kona-ba rekomendasaun ba Prosesu Judisiariu:

  • Prosesu julgamentu ba Eis Ministru Interior, Arguidu Rogerio Tiago Lobato no arguida seluk la diak no ida ne bele foti fila-fali kredibilidade instituisaun judisiariu nian. Maibe, ami haree sasin (testamunha) balun marka prezensa iha sala laran antes sira fo sira nia deklarasaun iha tribunal . Ida ne presiza hetan atensaun husi parte judisiariu atu nune labele repete iha futuru. Ami mos haree katak juis dala ruma lakon pasiensia ho sasin iha prosesu laran. Ida ne bele hamenus vontade sasin sira nian atu ba hamrik iha tribunal, liliu ba sasin husi area rurais neeb seidauk abita ho prosesu julgamentu.  Ami nia posisaun katak ema hotu tenke koalia lia los iha tribunal, ho livre, ho vontade diak no la sente tauk;

  • Ami rekonese katak parte hotu iha direitu atu lori sasin barak mai tribunal atu defende sira nia posizaun, maibe ami sujere atu parte hotu prepara sasin neeb produtivu no relevante duni ho kasu. Ida ne importante atu halo prosesu julgamentu efisiente;

  • Ami rekonese katak prosesu judisiariu ba kasu hotu neeb akontese durante krise ne servisu ida neeb todan. Ami sujere atu komunidade internasional, ONU no Governu fo apoiu maximu ba Ministeriu Publiku, iha parte administrasaun no rekursu umanus atu nune bele suporta prosesu julgamentu lalais no justu. Ami mos rekomenda atu UNPOL fo apoiu maximu ba Ministeriu Publiku iha area investigasaun. Nune, kasu hotu bele la ba oin lalais. Ami komprende desizaun husi Juis nian fo libre kondisional ba suspeitu Maun Kiak tamba karik investigasaun la lao ba oin, maibe ami sujere prosesu investigasaun tenke hadia atu nune bele garantia direitu suspeitu ba julgamentu lalais no justu;

  • Ami suporta katak kazu seluk mos tama iha prosesu investigasaun kazu Abilio Mausoko, Alfredo Reinado no mos kazu tiru mate PNTL nain 8 iha 25 Maiu. Ba kazu nee no mos kazu seluk krise nian, ami rekomenda atu prosesu investigasaun tenke lao lalais atu bele lori autor hotu ba tribunal. Ami nia observasaun katak tribunal laiha rekursu neeb naton atu bele tesi kasu hotu, liliu juis no prokurador. Ami rekomenda atu Governu no mos Nasoins Unidas no komunidade internasional tenke fo atensaun ba asuntu ne, liliu tenke aumenta numeru juiz, prokurador inklui hatudu Vise Prokurador Jeral internasional ida atu tau matan ba kazu krise nee.

Kona-ba rekomendasaun relasaun ho seguransa:

  • Ami nia observasaun katak protesaun seguransa ba sasin, autor judisiariu, tribunal no prizaun menus liu to sasin xave balun ba alegasaun fahe kilat ba populasaun sivil reklama katak hetan ameasa no hetan tiru. Ne indikasaun katak seguransa sasin sira nian iha risku. Ami rekomenda ba UNPOL no Ministeriu Interior atu fornese apoiu seguransa maximu ba prosesu julgamentu tomak no mos ba sasin no autor judisiariu hotu. Ami mos sujere ba Ministeriu Justisa atu lidera prosesu atu kria lei ida kona-ba protesaun ba testamunha no ami husi sosiedade sivil prontu kolabora iha prosesu ida ne.

FORUM-NGO, 5 Fevereiru, 2007

Reprs PDHJ

FORUM-ONG Timor-Leste ho nia membrus:
Reprs JSMP
Reprs Forum Tau Matan
Reprs Alola Foundation
Reprs Sekretariadu RMDH