Klibur Solidaridade Timor-Leste / Timor-Leste Solidarity Group

Strengthening Solidarity: The Struggle for Justice Continues
Hametin Solidaridade: Luta Nafatin Ba Justisa

Joao Paulo II Center, Comoro, Dili, 27-29 August 2009

Conference Agenda and Report

Updated 28 September 2009

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Klibur Solidaridade project final narrative and financial reports.

27 August

Reflection on International Movements




Welcome & Conference Objectives

President Dr. José Ramos-Horta. (Audio: English (2.3MB MP3), Tetum (.5 MB MP3))

Secretary-General, Fretilin, former Prime Minister, Dr. Mari Alkatiri (Audio: Tetum (1 MB MP3))


Panel I: Solidarity for Timor-Leste

Agung Putri, Indonesia
Ceu Federer (Timorese activist organizing from exile)
Lita Sarmento (Timorese international solidarity activist)
Tom Hyland, Ireland

Facilitator: Manuela Pereira


Panel II: Solidarity for Other Struggles

Bonar Tibor (Coki) Naispopos, overview
Pedro Pinto Leite, Western Sahara (Presentation 2.6 MB PDF)
Freddy Gamage,  Sri Lanka (Presentation 1.6MB PDF)
Egoy Bans, Burma (Presentation)
Yubelina Rumbino, West Papua (Presentation, Bahasa Indonesia PDF)


Yubelina, West Papua

28 August

The Struggle for Justice Continues

Facilitator: Jill Sternberg

John Miller, Carmel Budiardjo and Ze Luis Oliveira


Panel III: Justice

John M. Miller, ETAN: overview of international justice processes
Carmel Budiardjo, TAPOL: Stop Impunity (paper based on conference presentation)
José Luis de Oliveira, HAK Association: What does Timor-Leste need from the solidarity movement?



Small Group discussions 

  • Gender Justice

  • Economic Justice

  • Justice – Ending Impunity

  • People to People and Religious Solidarity

  • Solidarity for West Papua

29 August

Strategy for Solidarity Work


Small Groups continue

Plenary: Small Groups Report


James Dunn, Australian diplomat, author and activist

Solidarity groups from around the world introduce themselves

Carmel Budiardjo & James Dunn


Plenary: Approval of final conference declaration

Dance and Poetry


Agio Pereira, Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers
Recording (English, then Tetum 1.9 MB MP3)

Sisto dos Santos

Edio Saldanha and
Jill Sternberg

student and
Lita Sarmento

Jose Luis Oliveira

Santina Soares, Pedro Pinto Leite and Jakob Schmidt