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La'o Hamutuk needs you!

[This announcement is from July 2006. For an updated version, click here.]

We are looking for Timor-Leste and international activists to join our staff collective.

National Researcher International Researcher
  • International Financial Institutions

  • International Financial Institutions / Multilateral Institutions

  • Bilateral Assistance

Each staff member at La'o Hamutuk works collaboratively with other staff to research and report on the activities of international institutions and foreign governments operating in Timor-Leste. Staff members share responsibilities for administrative and program work, including our Bulletin and Surat Popular publications, radio programs, public meetings, advocacy, popular education, coalitions with other Timorese organizations, and exchanges with people in other countries. Each staff member is responsible for coordinating at least one of La'o Hamutuk's main activities.


  • Activist background, experience and orientation

  • Strong commitment to making the development process in Timor-Leste more democratic and transparent

  • Commitment to share skills and help build other staffers' capacity

  • Responsible, with a strong work ethic and willingness to work cooperatively and creatively in a multi-cultural setting

  • Understanding of and willingness to work against gender discrimination

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Ability to present factual information from investigative reporting

  • Sound physical and psychological health

  • Experience in one of the areas cited above

  • Work experience in international development, policy research, and/or international solidarity desirable

  • Financial management and/or fundraising experience desirable

Additional requirements for internationals

  • Fluency in written and spoken English (native speaker preferred)

  • Strong organizational and computer skills

  • Knowledge of Timor-Leste's history and politics

  • Experience living and working in a developing country; interest and capacity to live simply

  • Fluency in or willingness to learn Tetum

  • Indonesian and/or Portuguese language skills desirable

  • A sound understanding of one of the areas cited above, experience analyzing and/or monitoring institutions relevant to these areas desirable

Additional requirements for Timorese

  • Fluent Tetum and Bahasa Indonesia, and ability to write and translate between these languages

  • Basic organizational and computer skills, and willingness to expand those skills

  • Investigating skills, with the ability to write factually and clearly, desirable

  • English and/or Portuguese language skills desirable

To apply, please bring the following documents to our office in Farol (next to Perkumpulan HAK and the Sah'e Institute for Liberation) or email them to

  1. Cover letter explaining your reasons for wanting to work with La'o Hamutuk

  2. Curriculum vitae (CV)

  3. Two professional references from previous employers or organizations

  4. Writing sample about the development process (one or more pages)

Applications will be considered as we receive them.

For further information, send a blank email to

Updated 7 July 2006.

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Institutu Timor-Leste ba Analiza no Monitor ba Dezenvolvimentu
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