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2022 General State Budget
Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba 2022

Started 29 June 2021.  Revised 16 Setembru 2021.

Link to page on 2021 state budget.      Liga ba pájina kona-ba OJE 2021

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne’e

Proposed revision to the budget process

At the end of 2020, the Council of Ministers asked Parliament to enact a new Law on the Framework for the General State Budget and Public Financial Management to replace Law No 13/2009 on Budget and Financial Management which defines the budget process. Parliament began hearings in June and La'o Hamutuk testified and wrote a submission. Committee C (Public Finances) made a report (Portuguese, partial English translation) on 30 June, and plenary debate began on 5 July. The plenary approved the proposed law in generality on 6 July by a vote of 37-12 (11 abstentions) and sent it back to Committee C for detailed analysis and discussion with the Government. On 9 August, La'o Hamutuk's Celestino Gusmao discussed the proposal on GMN-TV's Grande Entrevista program (video).

As the proposed law has not yet been enacted, the 2022 State Budget is being developed under the existing process, with some modifications.

2022 Budget Process begins

n the beginning of June 2021, the Ministry of Finance released their proposed calendar for adopting the 2022 State Budget. The Government will establish the overall parameters in July, evaluate proposals from each ministry during August, and submit the draft budget to Parliament by 1 October.

On 29 June, Government held an all-day budget seminar for public officials, civil society, development partners and others. They gave presentations (in Tetum) on:

A Government press release (Tetum) on 12 July summarized the seminar, including the six priorities for the 2022 budget: development of human capital (education, professional training and health); housing and social inclusion; productive sectors (agriculture and tourism), environment and connectivity; private sector development;  rural development; and good governance. The budget ceiling was set at $1.5 billion. Two days later, on 14 July, the Council of Ministers increased the ceiling for the 2022 budget to $1.57 billion.

On 25 August, the Council of Ministers decided that the Budget Policy committee (CROP) would be chaired by the Prime Minister and include the Deputy PMs, Minister for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, and the Ministers for Finance, Education/Youth/Sport, Transport/Communications and State Administration. After meeting from 2-16 September, CROP increased the proposed budget ceiling to $1.68 billion.

Proposta atu reviza prosesu no estrutura orsamentál

Iha fulan Dezembru 2020, Konsellu Ministru husu Parlamentu Nasional atu aprova lei foun ida kona-ba Enquadramento do Orçamento Geral do Estado e da gestão financeira pública (Port.) ne’ebé sei troka ba Lei Nu 13/2009 Orçamento e Gestão Financeira (Port.) ne’ebé estabelese prosesu orsamentál. Parlamentu hahú audiénsia sira iha fulan Juñu no La'o Hamutuk fó testemuña no haruka submisaun ida. Komisaun C halo relatoriu (Port., partial English translation) iha loron 30 Juñu, no debate iha plenária hahú iha loron 5 Jullu. Plenaria aprova proposta lei iha jeralidade iha loron 6 Jullu ho votasaun 37-12 (abstensaun 11) no haruka fali ba Komisaun C atu analiza ho detaillu no negosiasaun ho Governu. Iha loron 9 Agostu, Celestina Gusmao husi La'o Hamutuk diskute proposta ne'e iha programa Grande Entrevista iha GMN-TV(video).

Tanba proposta lei seidauk aprova, OJE 2022 sei tuir prosesu ne’ebé eziste tiha ona, ho mudansa balun.

Prosesu Orsamentál ba OJE 2022 hahú

Iha loron 7 Juñu 2021, Ministeriu Finansas fó sai sira nia proposta kalendáriu ba aprovasaun OJE 2022. Governu sei aprova envelope jeral iha fulan Jullu, avalia proposta sira husi kada ministériu iha fulan Agostu, no haruka ezbosu orsamentu ba Parlamentu iha loron 1 Outubru.

Iha loron 29 Juñu, Governu halo semináriu ba loron tomak ba ofisiál sira, sosiedade sivíl, parseiru dezenvolvimentu no sira seluk. Sira fó aprezentasaun kona-ba:

Documents (newest first)

Budget Framework Law:

For fiscal year 2022:

For fiscal year 2021:

Dokumentu (atuál liu mak uluk)

Lei Enkuadramentu Orsamental:

Ba tinan fiskal 2022:

Ba tinan fiskal 2021:

For fiscal year 2020:

Ba tinan fiskal 2020:

Analysis and commentary

Analiza no komentáriu

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