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Solidariedade Timor-Leste ba Povu Palestina iha Gaza

Timor-Leste Solidarity for the Palestinian People in Gaza

Coalition statement issued in Dili
19 January 2009


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Hili desenu iha liman los atu hare'e boot liu.

Press Conference, 19 January 2009 at NGO Forum.
Konferensia Pres 19 Janeiro 2009 iha FONGTIL.

Demonstration, 21 January at Democracy Field, Dili

During the demonstration, a delegation brought the statement  below to several offices and discussed it with the head of the UN Mission, the office of the President of Timor-Leste, and the U.S. Embassy.

Manifestasaun, 21 Janeiro 2009 iha Kampo Demokrasia

Durante manifestasaun ida ne'e, delegasaun lori statementu iha kraik no diskuti ho chefe UNMIT, gabinete Presidente RDTL nian, no Embaisada Estadus Unidus.

Konflitu armada entre Israel versus Palestina nebe hahu loron ida liu tiha Loron Natal 2008 rezulta ema liu 1200 mate, barak liu husi sira mak ema sivil nebe tuir lei internasional labele sai nudar alvu iha konflitu kilat. Sidadaun Gaza nebe ho populasaun miliaun 1,5 aserkadu iha area ho luan 378 km kuadradu. Odamatan fronteira hotu-hotu ho Israel no Ejiptu taka tomak tamba ne’e sidadaun sivil labele salva an hodi hases an husi area funu.

Relatoriu sira husi media no organizasaun laos governu temi katak militar Israel uza forsa laho haree se mak sira tiru nebe rezulta ema sivil mate, harahun infrastrutura no ho hakarak halo objetu sivil sai nudar alvu ba sira nia ataka. Eskola no kuartel ONU iha Gaza mos sai nudar alvu ba roket Israel.

Tuir organizasaun direitus umanus[1] Israel, sidadaun iha Gaza hasoru situasaun nebe difisil:

  • Konflitu armada akontese iha Gaza tomak nebe ho nia fronteira taka tiha tamba ne’e laiha fatin atu sidadaun sivil salva an. Sidadaun sira enforsadu atu moris iha tauk no teror nia laran.

  • Sistema saude rahun. Ospital labele fo tratamentu nebe adekuadu ba sira nebe kanek, no pasiente labele lori sai husi gaza atu hetan tratamentu. Ida ne’e hamate ema nebe tuir sei bele salva.

  • Fatin sira nebe sai nudar alvu intensivu sai izoladu tomak. Imposivel atu hatene kondisaun ema nebe hela iha neba, sira kanek ka presiza tratamentu no presiza aihan, be no aimoruk. Tropaz Israel bandu grupu salvasaun husi Israel rasik no estranjeiru atu tama iha fatin hirak ne’e no lakohi atu ajuda, maski tuir lei internasional tuir lolos tenki halao hanesan ne’e.

  • Sidadaun barak laiha asesu ba eletrisidade, be, be foer nebe tuir los suli tuir nia dalan suli ba fatin-fatin dezlokadu. Ida ne’e halao problema sanitasaun no hasae risku ba epidemia.

The armed conflict from Israel against Palestine which began the day after Christmas 2008 has killed more than 1,200 people, mostly civilians, but under international law civilians must not be targeted in armed conflict. There are 1.5 million Gaza residents, encircled in an area of 378 square kilometers. All the borders with Israel and Egypt are closed, so there is no way for civilians to escape the area of the war.

Reports in the media and from nongovernmental organizations document that the Israeli military uses force without looking at where they shoot, resulting in civilian deaths, destruction of infrastructure, showing that the object of their attacks is civilian society. Schools and UN facilities in Gaza have also come under attack by Israeli missiles.

According to Israeli human rights organizations[1], the people of Gaza are faced with a very difficult situation:

  • The fighting is taking place throughout the Gaza Strip, whose border crossings are closed, so that residents have nowhere to flee, neither inside the Gaza Strip nor by leaving it. They are forced to live in fear and terror.

  • The health system has collapsed. Hospitals are unable to provide adequate treatment to the injured, nor can patients be evacuated to medical centers outside of the Gaza Strip. This state of affairs is causing the death of injured persons who could have been saved.

  • Areas that were subject to intensive attacks are completely isolated. It is impossible to know the condition of the people who are there, whether they are injured and need treatment and whether they have food, water and medicine. The army is preventing local and international rescue teams from accessing those places and is also refraining from helping them itself, even though it is required to do so by law.

  • Many of the residents do not have access to electricity or running water, and in many populated areas sewage water is running in the streets. That combination creates severe sanitation problems and increases the risk of an outbreak of epidemics.

Konflitu nebe akontese iha Gaza laos buat foun. Sidadaun Gaza barak mak sai refujiadu tamba Israel duni iha tinan 1948. Sidadaun Gaza moris iha okupasaun Israel. Maski Israel dada nia tropaz husi Gaza iha 2005, sidadaun Gaza espesialmente no Palestina en jeral laos ema livre. Sira la lao livre, iha pos militar Israel atu kontrola, ema Palestina tenki iha lisensa husi Israel bainhira hakarak ba fatin ruma. Bainhira juventude Timor-Leste halao konferensia juventude internasional hodi komemora Masakre Santa Cruz iha tinan 2008, partisipante husi Palestina labele mai Dili tamba la hetan lisensa husi Governu Israel. Area Gaza (parte oeste mota Jordania) Israel aserka tamba tropaz Israel kontrola fronteira terestre ho Palestina tomak no bainhira deit tropaz Israel bele tama ba rai Palestina. Hanesan akontese agora, liutiha tiru husi aeria, tropaz Israel tama iha Gaza tuir sira nia hakarak. Israel mos kontrola Gaza husi tasi no aeria. Povu Palestina laos ema livre iha sira nia rain rasik. The conflict in Gaza is not new. Many people in Gaza have been refugees since Israel was created in 1948. Gazans live under Israeli occupation. Even though Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005, the people in Gaza, and in all of Palestine, are not free. They cannot travel freely, Israeli military checkpoints control them, and Palestinians need permission from Israel when they want to go somewhere. When Timor-Leste youth held an international conference in 2008 to commemorate the Santa Cruz Massacre, the Palestinian participant could not come to Dili because he didn’t receive permission from the Israeli government. The area of Gaza (as well as the West Bank) is surrounded by Israeli soldiers, who control all Palestine’s land borders, and Israeli troops can enter into Palestine. As is happening now, with firing from the air, Israel’s soldiers enter Gaza at their will. Israel also controls Gaza from the sea and the air. The people of Palestine are not free in their own land.
Nudar povu nebe moris tinan 24 iha okupasaun Indonezia, ami sinti tebes terus nebe povu Palestina iha Gaza enfrenta. Ami sinti terus sidadaun Gaza nebe tenki sai refujiadu, tamba barak husi ami nebe halai husi sidade iha Timor-Leste no refujia ba ai laran atu hases husi funu nebe akontese tamba ami nia forsa armada reziste hasoru agresaun militar Indonesia iha tinan 1975. Ami sinti mos labarik Gaza nebe lakon sira nia inan-aman tamba bombardiamentu Israel, ami nia inan-aman mate tamba bombardiamentu aviaun shophistikadu bainhira ami refujia iha foho Matebian iha parte leste no foho Taroman iha parte oeste. Ami sinti hamlaha nebe povu Gaza hasoru agora, ami mos hamlaha bainhira ami nia toos no natar tropaz Indonesia harahun tiha, ami tenki moris iha fatin hirak nebe Indonezia kontrola iha tinan 1979-1983. Ami sinti laiha liberdade atu lao no lakon dignidade nudar ema nebe povu Gaza enfrenta, ami mos enfrenta pos-pos militar nebe kontrola ami durante tinan ba tinan bainhira ami sai husi ami nia uma. Tamba ne’e ami hatoo ami nia solidariedade espesialmente ba povu Gaza no povu Palestina en jeral. As people who lived under 24 years of Indonesian occupation, we strongly empathize with the suffering that confronts the people of Palestine in Gaza. We feel the suffering of Gazans when they become refugees, because many of us had to run from Timor-Leste’s cities and seek refuge in the forests to escape the war when our armed forces resisted Indonesian military aggression in 1975. We also feel for the children of Gaza, who lose their parents from Israeli bombing, because our parents were killed by bombing from sophisticated warplanes when we fled to Mt. Matebian in the east and Mt. Taroman in the west. We feel the hunger that confronts the people of Gaza, as we also starved when Indonesian soldiers destroyed our fields and farms, and we had to live in Indonesian-controlled areas from 1979 to 1983. We feel for the parents who have lost their children, as many of us experienced the same tragedy. We understand the denial of freedom to travel, and the loss of dignity that confronts the people of Gaza, because for many years we also had military posts controlling us when we went out of our houses. Because of these experiences, we feel a special solidarity for the people of Gaza and all of Palestine.
Ba komponentes hirak tuir ami hatoo:
  1. Husu ONU atu foti aksaun lalais hodi hapara funu nebe akontese iha Gaza.

  2. Husu Israel atu hapara agresaun militar no dada an husi Palestina, espesialmente husi Gaza.
  3. Husu Israel atu respeita lei humaniter internasional nebe bandu ataka ba ema sivil iha funu ida nia laran.
  4. Husu ba rezistensia Palestina Hamas atu hapara aksaun nebe ataka Israel.
  5. Husu ba parte rua Israel no Palestina atu buka solusaun dame iha Gaza.
  6. Husu ba ONU atu fo sanksaun todan ba Israel atu hapara agresaun militar nebe kontra integridade Palestina no dada an husi Palestina.
  7. Husu ba Estadus Unidus atu hapara apoiu militar ba Israel no Estadus Unidus tuir konsensu mundial atu buka dalan dame ba konflitu iha Gaza.
  8. Husu ba Governu no Presidenti Republika Demokratiku Timor-Leste atu foti papel nebe ativu hodi buka solusaun dame ba Israel-Palestina.
We would like to make the following requests: 
  1. Ask the United Nations to take rapid action to stop the war in Gaza.

  2. Ask Israel to stop its military aggression and withdraw from Palestine, especially from Gaza.

  3. Ask Israel to respect international humanitarian law which prohibits attacks on civilians in time of war.

  4. Ask the Palestinian resistance Hamas to stop its attacks on Israel.

  5. Ask both parties, Israel and Palestine, to find a peaceful solution in Gaza.

  6. Ask the United Nations to enact strong sanctions against Israel to stop military aggression against the integrity of Palestine, and to withdraw from Palestine.

  7. Ask the United States to stop military support for Israel, and to follow international consensus to find a peaceful resolution for the conflict in Gaza.

  8. Ask the Government and President of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste to take an active role in looking for a peaceful solution for Israel and Palestine.

Dili, 19 Janeiru 2009


(Dinorah S.X. Granadeiro)

Aksaun Solidariedade Timor-Leste ba Dame iha Palestina

 Dili, 19 January 2009 


(Dinorah S.X. Granadeiro)

Timor-Leste Solidarity Action for Peace in Palestine

[1] Organizations: Adalah -- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; Amnesty International Israel Section; Bimkom -- Planners for Planning Rights; B'tselem -- The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories; Gisha -- Legal Center for Freedom of Movement; Hamoked -- Center for Defence of the Individual; Physicians for Human Rights – Israel;Public Committee Against Torture in Israel; Yesh Din -- Volunteers for Human Rights made a joint declaration to the government of Israel on January 14, 2009, with the title “A Clear and Present Danger – An Israel Call for Urgent Humanitarian Action in Gaza”[1] Organizations: Adalah -- The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel; Amnesty International Israel Section; Bimkom -- Planners for Planning Rights; B'tselem -- The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories; Gisha -- Legal Center for Freedom of Movement; Hamoked -- Center for Defence of the Individual; Physicians for Human Rights – Israel;Public Committee Against Torture in Israel; Yesh Din -- Volunteers for Human Rights made a joint declaration to the government of Israel on January 14, 2009, with the title “A Clear and Present Danger – An Israel Call for Urgent Humanitarian Action in Gaza”
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