Prospective Fields

Timor Sea Oil and Gas Fields

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  • Several marginal fields have been discovered in the Ashmore and Cartier Islands Adjacent Area. These fields are Tenacious, Oliver, Montara, Bilyara, Tahbilk and Talbot. 
  • The Brewster structure is also a marginal field, located south of the Ashmore and Cartier Islands Adjacent Area.
  • Blacktip-1 is a recent gas discovery, located in the Bonaparte Basin.
  • These fields could be developed in the future if a "critical mass" of oil or gas reserves are found.

1. Tenacious

  • Tenacious oil field was discovered in May 1997. The field extends across two permits.
  • AC/P4 is held by:

Woodside Energy Ltd (Operator)


Cultus Timor Sea Pty Ltd*


  • AC/P17 is held by:

Cosmo Oil Ashmore Ltd


Cultus Timor Sea Pty Ltd*


Woodside Energy Ltd


*Wholly owned subsidiary of OMV Australia Pty LTD

  • Reserves: 5.2 Million barrels

  • Development: Possible tie back to Jabiru Venture or any Audacious development.

2. Oliver

  • The Oliver oil and gas field was discovered in February 1988. It is now vacant acreage and may be released for bids in 2002.
  • Reserves: 15 to 18 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbon and 335 to 345 billion standard cubic feet of gas (BCF)
  • Development: Possible floating oil and condensate facility

3. Montara, Bilyara and Tahbilk

  • Oil and gas fields were discovered in 1988, and are now under retention lease.
  • AC/RL3 is held by:

Newfield Australia (Ashmore Cartier) Pty Ltd


Coogee Resources Pty Ltd


  • Reserves:
    Montara, Bilyara and Tahbilk - 30 million barrels of liquid hydrocarbon.
    Gas: Montara, Bilyara and Tahbilk - 213 billion standard cubic feet of gas (BCF).
  • Development: Floating methanol; Production, Storage and Offloading (MFPSO) facility being studied.

4. Talbot

  • Talbot oil field was discovered in 1989, under a retention lease.
  • AC/RL1 is held by:
West Oil NL 100%
  • Reserves: 2 to 5 million barrels
  • Development: Possible use of Floating Production Barge for processing and storage with periodical offloading into a tanker.

5. Brewster

  • The Brewster structure consists of three fields - Dinichthys, Gorgonichthys and Titanichthys.
  • WA 285P is held by:

    Inpex Browse, Ltd100%
  • Three commitment wells have been drilled - the first at Dinichthys, followed by Gorgonichthys and Titanichthys.
  • These wells were drilled in 2000 and finished early 2001.
  • A DST was conducted on Dinichthys and successfully ran 22 million standard cubic feet per day of gas plus 60 barrels per million condensate.

6. Blacktip-1

  • Blacktip-1 was discovered in August 2001.
  • It is situated approximately 300 kms South-West of Darwin in the Bonaparte Basin.
  • WA/279P is held by:

    Woodside Energy Ltd (Operator)35%
    Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd35%
    AGIP Australia B.V30%
  • Five separate hydrocarbon bearing intervals with a cumulative gross thickness of 188 metres have been identified.
  • The well was drilled to a total depth of 3181 metres and is situated at a water depth of 50 metres.
  • The well achieved a maximum flow rate of 35 million standard cubic feet per day of dry, sweet gas.
  • Reserves: The initial reserve estimate is 0.9 - 1.2 tcf.

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