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Horta Promises not to Promulgate Clemency Law

Timor Post, 6 July 2007

Dili, Timor Post

In her office in Palapaso Thursday (5 July), Researcher for the NGO La’o Hamutuk Santina Soares said that President of the Republic Dr. José Ramos Horta promised that he will not promulgate the law on measures of clemency.

“Yesterday we met with the President of the Republic Dr. José Ramos Horta to talk about the clemency law. He (Horta) gave a positive answer, that after he consulted with civil society, organizations related to justice, and the Church, in conscience he will not promulgate the clemency law, Santina recounted.

Santina got this information from a meeting between the NGO La’o Hamutuk with the President of the Republic Dr. José Ramos Horta about the law on measures of clemency in Dili, yesterday.

She said that La’o Hamutuk hopes that the words of President Horta become reality. Because, according to her, this clemency law is a way to protect the actors in the crisis.

“We (La’o Hamutuk) hope that what Horta told us will become reality. Because we feel that this appears to be a law to protect people who commit crimes,” she repeated.

Meanwhile, Santina explained that the substance of this law is also against the Constitution of Timor-Leste because it will impact on people who became victims of the crisis.

“At this time, the report of the international Independent Commission of Investigation (KII) has already recommended to the prosecutors to conduct a thorough investigation of the authors of the crisis so that they can be brought to justice. This justice must be nourished, to teach everyone that they cannot commit crimes in the future.

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