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Um Intercambio Popular entre Timor Leste e Brazil

East Timorese activists spend June and July 2001 learning popular education techniques from popular movement organizations in northeastern Brazil. Representing nine different organizations, participants in the exchange studying Brazilian methods of literacy education, liberation theology, traditional medicine, women's empowerment, and popular organizing. The exchange was coordinated by EQUIP (Escola de Formacao Quilombo dos Palmares) in Brazil and by La'o Hamutuk in East Timor. Oxfam Australia and Grassroots International both offered financial assistance for this exchange.

O grupo timorense
Exchange Participants: Top row: Oscar from Yayasan HAK; Nuno from Sa'he Institute for Liberation; Demetrio from Haburas Foundation; Ines from La'o Hamutuk; Joana from PAS clinic; Silverio from the Naroman Literacy Program in Bucoli; Paulina from the Organizacao Popular da Mulher Timorense (OPMT) Manatuto; Regina from Nove Nove, a widows' organization in Maliana; Maria from the Secular Institute of Brothers and Sisters in Christ (ISMAIK). Bottom row: Alzira from ISMAIK and Zulmira from OPMT Dili.