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2010 Mid-Year State Budget to $838 million
Orsamentu Estadu Tinan-Klaran 2010 tokon $838

4 June 2010, updated 3 January 2012

Link to index page on original 2010 state budget.   Liga ba pajina indise kona-ba Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2010 nia orijinal.

La'o Hamutuk submission to Parliament (also Tetum)

Link to index page on 2011 state budget.   Liga ba pajina indise kona-ba Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2011.

Artigu LH nian iha jornal: Orsamentu Rektifikativu 2010, Dalan Fasil atu Gasta Deit Fundu Petroleu


On 31 May 2010, the Council of Ministers approved an "orsamento rektifikativu" mid-year budget adjustment which increases the state budget by 27%, from $659,996,000 to $837,981,000. It was submitted to Parliament the same day, approved in early July and officially published on 14 July.

Although only $178 million has been added in expenditures, the proposed revision increases the amount withdrawn from the Petroleum Fund during 2010 by $309 million, to a total of $811 million. This increase is above the previously-allocated $502 million Estimated Sustainable Income (ESI) level, and will reduce the ESI by about $9 million every year in the future. We understand that the Ministry of Finance is proposing to withdraw more than the amount necessary to fill the 2010 budget deficit so that they will have a cash cushion in case the 2011 budget is approved late or unexpected expenditures arise at the end of the year. Although the original 2010 budget would have drawn down the treasury account by $71 million, the rectification increases the balance by $68 million.

The Government announced its goals for the budget rectification in a press release from the Council of Ministers (also Portuguese).

On 31 May, the Government sent a package to Parliament, including a proposed law (also Portuguese), Annex I (revenues), Annex II (expenditures), and Annex III (income, outgo and subsidies of the Autonomous Agencies). The package included an Explanatory Note (also Portuguese) and a letter explaining why they want to spend more than the ESI (also Portuguese). Annex A lists the new expenditures, and Annex B is a table of where the money will come from.

Hearings in Parliamentary Committee C on the Budget Rectification began with the Minister of Finances on 9 June and will continue through 15 June. Parliamentarians and their advisors will discuss the budget privately on 16-19 June, and the plenary debate in general and specific will be from 21-30 June.

On 15 June, Committee C held a hearing on the budget rectification, with presentations from the Petroleum Fund Consultative Council, La'o Hamutuk (also Tetum) and Luta Hamutuk (Tetum, also Press Release).

On 21 June, the Prime Minister's office supplied additional information to Parliament, including an auditor's certification of the impact of overspending on the Estimated Sustainable Income.

On 22 June, Committee C delivered its report (also Portuguese) to Parliament. The Committee recommended approval of only $52.3 million in new expenditures out of the $178 million proposed by the Government. The Committee also rejected spending more than the ESI out of the Petroleum Fund and suggested that the PDD projects be restored to their original lines under various ministries. The following day, the Prime Minister told the Parliamentary plenary that the report was "bullshit."

Parliament debated the budget in Plenary for ten days (Tetum notes), but made few amendments. On 2 July, Parliament passed the law with 39 votes in favor, 17 against and three abstentions. Some Deputies said that they would challenge the budget in court.

On 14 July, the promulgated budget rectification law (Portuguese) was published in the Official Gazette. The Ministry of Finance immediately asked the Banking and Payments Authority to transfer $611 million (the newly-increased authorization for all of 2010) from the Petroleum Fund to the state operating account.

As always, La'o Hamutuk welcomes further information and corrections to our analysis. See below for additional documents.


Iha loron 31 fulan Maiu 2010, Konseillu Ministru aprova ona "orsamento rektifikativu" (OR) ba ajustamentu orsamentu tinan klaran nian ne’ebe halo orsamentu Jeral Estadu nian sae 27%, husi tokon $659,996,000 ba tokon $837,981,000. Proposta OR ida ne’e hatama ona ba Parlamentu iha loron ne’ebe hanesan, no hetan aprovasaun husi Parlamentu iha loron 2 Julhu no promulga ona iha loron 14 Julhu.

Maske aumenta deit tokon $178 ba iha gastus, proposta ba revizaun ne’e, hasae montante ne’ebe atu foti husi Fundu Petroleu durante tinan 2010 husi tokon $309, ba total tokon $811. Ida ne’e hasae liu nivel Rendimentu Sustentavel Estimadu (RSE) tokon $502 ne’ebe antes ne’e aloka tiha ona, no sei hamenus RSE tokon $9 kada tinan-tinan iha futuru. Ami rona katak Ministeriu Finansa proposta atu foti osan liu montante ne’ebe nesesariamente atu ense defisit orsamento 2010 nian hodi nune’e sira sei iha osan antisipasaun iha orsamentu 2011 ne’ebe atu aprova ikus ka gastus ida be la ekspeta ne’ebe mosu wainhira tinan orsamental remata. Maski Orsamentu Jeral Estadu 2010 orijinalmente haminus tokon $71 konta tezoureiru nian, rektifikasaun ne’e proposta atu aumenta tokon $68 konta ne’e nia balansu.

Governu anunsia sira nia tarjeitu ne’ebe atu atinji ba OR iha Komunikadu Imprensa ida husi Konseillu Ministru (Port., mos Ingles).

Iha loron 31 fulan Maiu, Governu hato’o pakote ida ba Parlamentu ne’ebe inklui esboso lei proposta, (mos Ingles), Annex I (rendimentu), Annex II (gastus), no Annex III (rendimentu, gastus no subsidiu ba Agensia Autonomu). Pakote ne’e inklui Nota Esplanasaun (mos Ingles) no surat ne’ebe esplika tanba saida sira hakarak gastu boot liu duke RSE. (mos Ingles). Annex A iha informasaun ba gastu sira foun, no Annex B iha tabela ne’ebe dehan husi ne’ebe mak osan mai.

Iha loron 9 fulan Junu, Parlamentu Komisaun C hahu audiensia kona-ba Orsamentu Rektifikativu ho Ministra Finansas, no sei kontinua to’o loron 15 fulan Junu. Iha loron 16-19 fulan Junu deputadus no sira nia asistensia tekniku sira sei hala’o diskusaun privadu kona-ba OR, no diskusaun iha plenariu jeral no espesifiku sei hala’o loron 21-30 Junu.

Iha loron 15 fulan Junu, Komisaun C halo audiensia  kona-ba OR no hetan submisaun sira husi Konsellu Konsultivu Fundu Petroleo, La'o Hamutuk (mos Ingles) and Luta Hamutuk (mos Komunikade Imprensa).

Iha loron 21 Junu, eskritoriu Primeiru Ministru nian, fahe informasaun adisional ba Parlamentu, inklui ho sertifikadu auditor nian ida husi impaktu gastu ida ne’ebe liu Rendimentu Sustentavel Estimadu.

Iha loron 22 Junu, Komisaun C hato’o sira nia pareser (iha mos Portugese) ba Parlamentu. Komisaun C rekomenda atu aprova deit tokon $52.3 ba iha gastus foun husi tokon $178 ne’ebe proposta husi governu. Komisaun C mos rejeita gastus ne’ebe liu RSE husi Fundu Petroleu no sujere katak projeitu PDD ne’e restora fali ba linhas orijinal nian iha ministeriu barak nia okos. Loron tuir mai, Primeiru Ministru hateten ba plenaria Parlamentu katak pareser ida ne’e hanesan “bullshit.”

Parlamentu halo debates ba orsamentu iha plenaria na loron sanulu (notas), maibe halo amandementu balun deit. Iha loron 2 Julhu, Parlamentu pasa lei ne’e ho votus 39 a favor, 17 kontra no abstensaun nain tolu. Deputadu balun hateten katak sira sei lori orsamentu ne’e ba iha tribunal.

Iha loron 14 Julhu, Jornal da Republika publika Lei Orsamentu Rektifikativu 2010 (Portugese) promulga ona. Ministeriu Finansas husu kedas ba ABP atu transfere tolon $611 husi Fundu Petroliferu ba tresoriu. Numero ida ne'e representa balansiu osan hetan autorizasaun iha tinan 2010 tomak.

Hanesan bai-bain, La’o Hamutuk simu informasaun tan no koreksaun ba iha ami nia analiza. Hare iha kraik atu hetan dokumentus tan.


Expenditure allocated in Timor-Leste state budgets since 2005
Despesas iha orsamentu estadu Timor-Leste depues 2005
KategorizasaunCategory2005-62006-72H 2007 (annualized)
(hanesan tinan tomak)
Orig. 2008Rectified 20082009Orig. 2010Rectified 2010

Bens e Serviços

Goods & Services52.7103.6146.2143.7447.4
(207.4 after court ruling)
(207.4 hafoin desizaun tribunal)
Kapital MinorMinor Capital5.616.95.924.539.238.129.834.5

Kapital Dezenvolvimentu

Capital & development36.7113.317.467.6110.6205.4216.8251.0

Total Dotasaun

Total appropriated123.8298.4232.8347.8788.3
(601.5 after court ruling)

Total Ezekusaun (approximamente.)

Total executed (approx.) 161.9143.6 cash

Foti husi  Fundu Petroleu

Withdrawn from Petroleum Fund026080396396512502811

Key points

The budget contains many new programs and expenditure increases. La'o Hamutuk is listing a few of the largest or most interesting ones, but there are many more.

  • $31.4 million for a Decentralized Development Package (PDD). This is not a new appropriation, but reallocation of funds previously assigned to the Ministry of Infrastructure and others to the Ministry of State Administration, which will coordinate the many small (under $250,000) PDD projects through local officials and companies.

  • $25.5 million for payments to 12,000 veterans (this was budgeted in prior years, but has not been paid)

  • $17.5 million to import rice for subsidized resale (added to $25 million already appropriated). This undoes nearly all of the $23.5 million reduction in expenditures for rice in the original 2010 budget compared to 2009. (Expected revenues from selling rice during 2010, including from existing stocks, have been increased from $7 to $20 million.) Existing rice inventories, added to the $25 million in the original 2010 budget, would provide more than enough rice to last through 2010.

  • $17 million additional for the national electric grid (in addition to $50m already appropriated for the grid and heavy oil power stations, although the budget says a total of $60m).

  • $10 million to upgrade the Comoro electric generating station for Dili, although the new Hera plant is expected to provide power for Dili by the end of 2011.

  • $8.4 million for barracks ($1.3m) and temporary docks ($7.1m) in Hera for the naval component of F-FDTL

  • $7.4 million for the design of unspecified large future public investment projects

  • $7.3 million to improve financial computer systems (Freebalance) in the Ministry of Finance

  • $5.5 million to demolish buildings damaged in 1999, through a cash-for-work program under the State Secretariat for Vocational Training and Employment.

  • $5.3 million for retention of infrastructure projects started in 2009. This may be for Pakote Referendum projects which went over schedule or cost.

  • $4.5 million "contingency fund" for roads

  • $4.0 million to resolve pending IDP cases

  • $3.7 million for school transportation

  • $3.5 million to prepare the Strategic Development Plan

  • $3.5 million for the Maliana diocese and district church renovations

  • $3.1 million for studies in Beacu by marine specialists (in relation to possible LNG plant)

  • $2.0 million to begin rehabilitating the Dili airport runway (total cost $7 million)

  • $2.0 million for overseas medical treatment from last year

  • $1.5 million more for pensions for former office-holders (in addition to $1.3 million already appropriated)

  • $1.5 million more for scholarships in the Ministry of Education

  • $1.3 million to support Suco councils

  • $1.4 million to build an office for the Prosecutor-General of the Republic

  • $1.2 million for vehicles for PNTL

  • $0.5 million to rehabilitate the TradeInvest office

Pontus Importante

Orsamentu ne’e kompostu husi programa foun barak no kresimentu ba gastus. La’o Hamutuk lista asuntu sira balun ne’ebe boot liu ka ida ne’ebe interesante liu, maibe sei iha buat barak iha laran.

  • Tokon $31.4 ba Pakote Dezenvolvimentu Desentralizadu (PDD). Ida ne’e laos dotasaun foun, maibe realokasaun husi fundus sira ne’ebe uluk halo ba Ministeriu Infrastrutura no ministeriu sira seluk hodi ba Ministeriu Administrasaun Estatal, ne’ebe sei koordena projeitu kiik barak PDD nian (menus husi $250,000) liu husi ofisiais lokal no emprezarial lokal sira.

  • Tokon $25.5 pagamentu ba veteranus nain 12,000 (ne’e aloka iha tinan liu ba maibe seidauk halo dotasaun osan).

  • Tokon $17.5 ba importasaun fos hodi fo subsidiu ba fan fali nian (ho mos $25 tokon ne’ebe aloka ona). Asaun ne’e kansela besik hotu gastu $23.5 tokon ne’ebe hamenus ona ba fos iha Orsamentu 2010 orijinal duke Orsamentu 2009. (Rendimentu ne’ebe ekspeta husi fan fos nian durante 2010 sae iha OR 2010 husi tokon $7 to tokon $20.) Tau fos ne’ebe rai hela hamutuk ho tokon $25 iha orsamentu 2010 orijinal mak karik iha fos naton ba 2010 hotu tomak.

  • Tokon $17 ne’ebe tan ba rede eletrisidade nasional (aumenta ba tokon $50 ne’ebe iha ona dotasaun ba rede no sentral eletrisidade oleu pezadu, maski Orsamentu Rektifikativu hateten total tokon $60).

  • Tokon $10 hodi hasae kapasidade jerador sentral eletrika Comoro ba Dili, maski antisipa sentral eletrika oleu pezadu foun iha Hera sei hato’o eletrisidade ba Dili desde tinan 2011 nia rohan.

  • Tokon $8.4 ba kazernas (tokon $1.3) no portu (tokon $7.1) iha Hera ba komponente naval F-FDTL nian.Tokon $7.4 atu desenho projeitu boot investimentu publiku iha futuru

  • Tokon $7.4 hodi dezeina projeitu investimentu publiku boot ne’ebe seidauk iha informasaun klaru

  • Tokon $7.3 atu hadiak sistema komputador finansial (Freebalance) iha Ministerio Finansas

  • Tokon $5.5 atu halo demolizasaun ba edifisiu sira ne’ebe hetan estragus iha 1999, liu husi programa kas-ba-servisu iha Sekreteriadu Estadu do Empregamentu no Treinamentu Profesional.

  • Tokon $5.3 ba retensaun do projeitu infrastrutura ne’ebe komesa ona iha 2009. Ne’e bele tuir ba projeitu Pakote Referendum ne’ebe gasta demais ka la kumpri orariu.

  • Tokon $4.5 “fundu badadaun” ba estrada

  • Tokon $4.0 hodi resolve problema deslokadus sira ne’ebe pendente hela

  • Tokon $3.7 ba transportasaun skola nian

  • Tokon $3.5 hodi prepara Planu Estratejiku Dezenvolvimentu

  • Tokon $3.5 ba dioseze Maliana no renovasaun igreza distritu sira nian

  • Tokon $3.1 ba estudu maritima iha Beacu (kona-ba fabrika LNG possivel).

  • Tokon $2.0 atu hahu rehabilitasaun Landasan Pacu / Pista Aeroportu Dili (kustu total tokon $7)

  • Tokon $2.0 ba tratamentu mediku iha rai liur husi tinan kotuk

  • Tokon $1.5 liu, ba pensaun eis ofisiais sira (aumenta ba tokon $1.3 ne’ebe iha ona dotasaun)

  • Tokon $1.5 liu, ba bolsa estudu iha Ministeriu Edukasaun

  • Tokon $1.3 atu suporta konseillu do Suku sira

  • Tokon $1.4 atu harii edifisiu ida ba Prokurador Jeral Republika nian

  • Tokon $1.2 ba vehikulu ba PNTL

  • Tokon $0.5 ba rehabilitasaun edifisiu TradeInvest



The following are from the package the Government presented to Parliament on 31 May 2010, scanned and translated by La'o Hamutuk. Some tables are only in Portuguese.

Submissions to  hearings of Parliament Committee C:

Report from Committee C (also Portuguese)

Other reports

Dokumentu sira tuir mai husi pakote ne’ebe Governu aprezenta ona ba Parlamentu iha 31 Maiu 2010, ne’ebe La’o Hamutuk hato’o no traduse. Tabela balun iha Portuguese deit.

Submisaun ba audiensia Komisaun C nian:

Relatoriu husi Komisaun C (Ingles ka Portugues)

Relatoriu seluk


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