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2024 General State Budget
Orsamentu Jerál Estadu ba 2024

Started 27 March 2023.  Updated 27 March 2024.

Link to page on 2023 state budget.      Liga ba pájina kona-ba OJE 2023

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne’e

Major Planning Options Law

On 24 March 2023, the Government hosted a Planning Workshop (Jornada Planeamentu) for the upcoming 2024 State Budget, with presentations (Tetum) on a range of topics. They described three options for the ceiling for the 2024 budget, with Central Administration spending of $1.6, $1.7 or $1.8 billion. (Central Administration appropriations in 2023 total $1.8 billion.) As in past years, the lion's share of the budget will be financed by withdrawing around 2.5 times the Estimated Sustainable Income from the Petroleum Fund.

The Jornada also shared a report on local budget consultations and a list of the Major Planning Options measures (Port.).

According to Law No. 2/2022 on the Framework for the General State Budget and Public Financial Management (see here for more details), Government should present a Major Planning Options Law to Parliament by 10 May.

On 5 April, the Council of Ministers approved a proposed Major Planning Options Law (Port.) (Explanatory memo in English), with a fiscal envelope for spending during 2024 of $2.07 billion, $1.7 billion of which is for the Central Administration. This version was presented to Parliament on 6 April.

However, on 21 May voters elected a new Parliament, and the new Government (led by the former opposition) withdrew this proposed law, as part of a mid-year rectification of the 2023 State Budget.

Lei Grande Opsaun Planu

Iha loron 24 Marsu 2023, Governu organiza enkontru Jornada Planeamentu ba Orsamentu Estadu 2024. Iha tópiku importante balun ne’ebé aprezenta liu hosi aprezentasaun sira. Iha aprezentasaun ne’e, governu deskreve opsaun tolu ba tetu fiskál iha OJE 2024, ho montante despeza ba Administrasaun Sentral hahú hosi biliaun $1.6, $1.7 no $1.8. (Iha OJE 2023, alokasaun despeza total ba Administrasaun Sentral biliaun $1.8). Hanesan iha tinan balu liu ba kotuk, fonte boot liu sei nafatin mai husi konta Fundu Petrolíferu, no sei halo levantamentu liu dala rua hosi montante Rendimentu Sustentável Estimativa.

Iha Jornada, Governu fahe relatóriu ida kona-ba konsultasaun lokál (Ing.) no lista medida sira iha Grande Opções do Plano (Port.).

Tuir Lei nu. 2/2022 Enquadramento do Orçamento Geral do Estado e da Gestão Financeira Pública (Port.), (detallu iha ne'e), Governu sei aprezenta proposta Lei Opsaun Prinsipál sira Planu (Lei das Grande Opções do Plano) molok loron 10 Maiu.

Iha loron 5 Abril Konsellu Ministrus aprova Proposta Lei Opsaun Prinsipál sira Planu (Port.) ba tinan 2024, ho valór despeza globál iha tinan 2024 biliaun $2.07. Husi montante ne'e, biliaun $1.7 sei ba setór Públiku Administrativu. Governu haruka versaun orijinal ba Parlamentu iha loron 6 Abril.

Tanba rezultadu husi eleisaun Parlamentár iha loron 21 Maiu kria Parlamentu no Governu foun, sira retira Lei Opsaun ne'e, no mos altera OJE 2023.

2024 budget process begins

On 29 August, the Council of Ministers approved Minister of Finance Santina Viegas Cardoso's proposal for a budget preparation calendar (which the Council amended on 2 October):

  • until 7 Sep: Define annual and multi-annual activities

  • 8 Sep: Budget Days seminar

  • 13 Sep: Council of Ministers approves budget ceiling (done on 2 Oct.)

  • 29 Sep: Line Ministries finalize budget proposals (changed to 18 Oct.)

  • 20 Oct: Budget Review Committee makes adjustments (changed to 9 Nov.)

  • 31 Oct: Council of Ministers approves draft OJE Law (changed to 14 Nov., done on 21 Nov.)

  • 15 Nov: Proposed budget submitted to National Parliament (changed to 24 Nov.)

  • According to pages 18-19 of the Ministry of Finance's Budget Circular, Parliamentary hearings and enactment will take place during the Christmas holiday, so that the 2024 Budget Law can be promulgated on Sunday, 31 December 2023.

The Ministry of Finance hosted the annual Budget Days seminar on 12 September. It opened with a speech by Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão (who said more than the prepared text), followed by these presentations.

On 2 October, the Council of Ministers set a $1.6 billion budget ceiling for 2024, although such ceilings usually increase during the budget process.

On 6 October, the Ministry of Finance published a revised budget calendar and circular (Port/Tet) for ministries to help them design their budget lines and assign markers. To implement this, new classifications were created.

On 25 October, the Council of Ministers established the budget review committee.

On 21 November, the Council of Ministers approved a $1.95 billion proposed 2024 budget, $350 million higher and one week later than they had decided the previous month.

Transfers from the Petroleum Fund in 2024 will total $1.38 billion. The withdrawal beyond the Estimated Sustainable Income (ESI) will be $70 million more than in the highest scenario presented on Budget Days (see above table).

Prosesu Orsamentál ba OJE 2024 hahú

Ihs loron 29 Agostu, Konsellu Ministrus aprova kalendáriu preparasaun Orsamentu Jerál Estadu, ne’ebé aprezenta husi Ministra Finansa Santina Viegas Cardoso (ne'ebe KM altera iha loron 2 Outubru):

  • to'o 7 Set: Identifika no define atividade anuál no plurianuál

  • 8 Set: Semináriu Jornada Orsamentál

  • 13 Set: Konsellu Ministrus aprova tetu orsamentál (halo iha 2 Out.)

  • 29 Set: Liña ministeriál sira tenke finaliza sira-nia proposta orsamentál (adia ba 18 Out.)

  • 20 Out: Komité Revizaun Orsamentál halo ajustamentu (adia ba 9 Nov.)

  • 31 Out: Konsellu Ministru aprova Proposta Lei OJE (adia ba 14 Nov., halo iha 21 Nov.)

  • 15 Nov: Proposta OJE 2024 entrega ba Parlamentu Nasionál (adia ba 24 Nov.)

  • Bazeia ba pajina 18-19 iha Sirkulár Orsamentál husi Ministériu Finansa, audiénsia Parlamentár no aprovasaun sei hala'o durante tempu feriadu Natal, nune'e Lei Orsamentál ba 2024 sei bele promulga iha loron Domingo, 31 Dezembru 2023.

Iha loron 12 Setembru, Ministeriu Finansa halo Semináriu Jornada Orsamentál. Primeiru Ministru Xanana Gusmão loke Semináriu ne'e, no nia ko'alia barak liu kompara ho textu. Tuir mai, órgaun balu fó aprezentasaun sira ne'e.

Iha loron 2 Outubru, Konsellu Ministrus estabelese envelope fiskál biliaun $1.6 ba OJE 2024, maske tetu ida ne'e normálmente aumenta durante prosesu orsamentál.

Iha loron 6 Outubru, Ministériu Finansa publika kalendáriu foun no sirkulár (Port/Tet) ba ministériu sira atu ajuda dezeña ho markadór sira ba iha liña orsamentál. Atu implementa ida ne'e, sira kria klasifikasaun foun sira.

Iha loron 25 Outubru, Konsellu Ministrus estabelese Komité Revizaun Orsamentál.

Iha loron 21 Novembru, Konsellu Ministrus aprova proposta OJE ba 2024 ho montante biliaun $1.95, tokon $350 boot liu no semana ida tarde liu duke sira deside ona iha fulan Outubru.

Transferénsia husi Fundu Petrolíferu iha 2024 total biliaun $1.38. Levantamentu liu Rendimentu Sustentavel Estimadu (RSE) sei tokon $70 boot liu kompara ho senáriu másimu aprezentadu iha Semináriu Jornada Orsamentál (hare tabela iha sorin karuk).

Consideration and approval in Parliament

The Government presented the proposed budget law (also original Port.) to Parliament on 23 November, with cover letters. The Ministry of Finance prepared supporting documents, available below.

On 27 November, Parliament approved the Prime Minister's request for an expedited (urgent) process of enactment. as recommended by Committee C. Hearings are from 30 November to 5 December, with plenary general debate on 12-13 December and debate on specifics on 14-20 December. Parliament plans to send the enacted budget to the President of the Republic on 22 December so that he can promulgate it before the new year starts. On 6 December, Parliament approved a guide to the process (Port.) for discussing the budget.

Parliament Committee C asked La'o Hamutuk to provide written testimony (Tetum), which we submitted on 6 December and summarized on our blog. Our submission and press conference received wide media coverage, including in RTTL-TV, Timor Post, G-News, GMN-TV, STL, Tatoli and Hatutan.

Parliamentary Specialized Standing Committees, including the Economic and Development Committee (D)) submitted their reports to the Public Finance Committee (C) on 6 December. On 12 December, plenary debate began by reading Committee C's report (Port.; conclusion and recommendations in English) and hearing a speech (Port.) from Prime Minister Xanana Gusmão.

On 20 December, Parliament gave final global approval to the proposed budget, with 41 votes in favor, 23 opposed (Fretilin and PLP) and no abstentions. The law, which is almost identical to the one proposed by the Government, was sent to President José Ramos-Horta, who promulgated it on 22 December as Law no. 21/2023 (Port.). In January, the Council of Ministers enacted Decree-Law 5/2024 (Port/Tet), on executing the 2024 budget.

Diskusaun no aprovasaun iha Parlamentu Nasional

Governu aprezenta  proposta lei OJE ba Parlamentu iha loron 23 Novembru, ho karta balun. Ministériu Finansas prepara dokumentu atu apoiu, no ita boot bele download sira husi kraik.

Iha loron 27 Novembru, Parlamentu aprova pedidu husi Primeiru Ministru atu debate lalais, tanba urjénsia, tuir rekomendasaun husi Komisaun C. Audiénsia sira la'o husi loron 30 Novembru to'o 5 Dezembru, no debate jerál iha plenária sei iha loron 12-13 Dezembru no debate espesialidade iha loron 14-20 Dezembru. PN iha planu atu haruka OJE aprovadu ba Prezidente Repúblika iha loron 22 Dezembru, no hein nia bele promulga molok tinan foun hahú. Iha loron 6 Dezembru, Parlamentu aprova regras (Port.) ba diskusaun orsamentál.

Komisaun C iha Parlamentu husu La'o Hamutuk atu fó submisaun ida, ne’ebé ami haruka iha loron 6 Dezembru no sumariza iha blog. Ami nia submisaun no konferensia imprensa hetan kobertura husi media barak, inklui iha RTTL-TV, Timor Post, G-News, GMN-TV, STL, Tatoli no Hatutan.

Komisaun espesializadu sira, inklui Ekonomia no Dezenvolvimentu (D), haruka sira nia paresér sira ba Komisaun C (Finansas Públikas) iha loron 6 Dezembru.

Debate iha plenária hahú iha loron 12 Dezembru, ho paresér husi Komisaun C (Port.) no diskursu ida husi Primeiru Ministru Xanana Gusmão.

Iha loron 20 Dezembru, Parlamentu aprova proposta-lei OJE 2024 iha finál globál ho votu a-favór 41, kontra 23 (Fretilin no PLP) no abstensaun 0.  Lei ida ne’e, maizumenus hanesan proposta Governu nian, haruka ba Prezidente Repúblika José Ramos-Horta, no nia promulga iha loron 22 Dezembru hanesan Lei nu. 21/2023 (Port.). Iha fulan Janeiru, Konsellu Ministrus aprova Dekretu-Lei 5/2024 kona-ba ezekusaun husi OJE 2024.


The following relate to the budget enacted and promulgated in December 2023:

The following refer to the budget proposed to Parliament in November 2023, and still apply to the promulgated budget:


Grafiku sira

Tuir mai, kona-ba OJE ne'ebe promulga ona iha Dezembru 2023:

Tuir mai, kona-ba proposta OJE ne'ebe fo ba Parlamentu iha Novembru 2023, no aplika nafatin ba OJE promulgadu:


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2024 State Budget

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2023 State Budget

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2023 Orsamentu Retifikativu

Orsamentu Jeral Estadu ba tinan 2023

2023 Grandes Opções do Plano

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