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2016 General State Budget
Orsamentu Jerál Estadu 2016

25 May 2015.  Updated 26 May 2016

Link to page on 2015 state budget.      Liga ba pájina kona-ba OJE 2015

Contents of this page

Konteúdu pájina ida ne’e

Yellow Road Workshop

As in the last several years, the Ministry of Finance held a "jornadas orçamentais" workshop (formerly called "Yellow Road") on 14 May 2015. The discussion covered program and budgeting for 2016, including national priorities and the fiscal envelope.

La'o Hamutuk asked if we could attend, and the Prime Minister agreed, but nobody other than government officials were allowed to observe. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Finance posted the presentation (Tetum) to its website two weeks later.

They recommended that total 2016 expenditures be limited to $1.3 billion (last year, the same recommended total was increased to $1.57 billion by the time the budget was passed). They also suggested a reduction to $1.2 billion for 2017. Although no cuts are suggested for some large programs like ZEESM and veterans' pensions, the budget looks to save money in fuel costs, travel, operational costs, transfers to civil society, and other areas. However, the goal of reducing recurrent expenditures to $800 million (ESI plus non-oil revenues) remains challenging, and the proposed fiscal envelope will have recurrent spending of $873m in 2016 and $815m in 2017. During 2014, budgeted recurrent spending was $993m (of which $918m was executed), and the revised 2015 budget appropriates $1,149m for recurrent expenditures, so major cuts will be needed. The proposed 2016 fiscal envelope envisions $427m in capital expenditures, less than the $465m spent in 2014, a level which will be impossible to achieve if large capital projects -- including ZEESM, Tasi Mane, national roads, Tibar Port and Dili Airport -- are built.

The workshop was reported on the websites of the Government and the Ministry of Finance, and the spokesperson issued a press release.

Jornadas  orsamentál

Hanesan iha tinan hirak kotuk, Ministériu Finansas organiza jornadas orsamental (uluk naran "Yellow Road") ida iha loron 14 Maiu 2015. Sira ko'alia kona ba prinsípiu sira ne’ebé sai baze ba sira nia esforsu atu halo Orsamentu Jerál Estadu 2016 hodi sai sustentável liu, inclui prioridade nasional sira no envelope fiskal.

La’o Hamutuk husu se ami bele atende, no Primeiru Ministru konkorda, maibé la iha ema ida ne’ebé mak la’ós ofisiál governu nian mak permite atu observa. Maske nune’e Ministériu Finansas publika aprezentasaun iha ninia website semana rua hafoin enkontru ne’e.

Sira rekomenda katak sei limita total despeza iha 2016 nian ba billaun $1.3 (tinan kotuk, rekomenda total despeza ne’ebé hanesan maibé bainhira aprova orsamentu total ne’e hasa’e fali ba billaun $1.57). Sira mós sujere atu redús orsamentu 2017 nian ba billaun $1.2. Maske la iha sujestaun atu ko’a osan husi programa boot sira hanesan ZEESM no pensaun veteranu sira, orsamentu sei haree liu ba atu hasai osan husi kustu kombustivel, viajen, kustu operasionál, transferénsia ba sosiedade sivíl no area seluk tan. Maske nune’e, objetivu atu redús despeza rekurrente sira ba tokon $800 (ESI no reseita naun petrolíferu sira) sei nafatin sai dezafiu ida, no proposta pakote fiskál sei iha gastu rekurrente tokon $873 iha 2016 no tokon $815 iha 2017. Durante 2014, despeza rekurrente ne’ebé tau iha orsamentu mak tokon $993 (iha ne’ebé ezekuta tokon $918), no iha retifikasaun orsamentu 2015 halo alokasaun tokon $1,149 ba despeza rekurrente sira, tan ne’e sei presiza ko’a orsamentu ne’ebé boot. Proposta orsamentu ba pakote fiskál 2016 preve tokon $427 iha despeza kapitál, menus uitoan husi tokon $465 ne’ebé gasta iha 2014, nivel ida ne’ebé sei imposivel atu atinje se projetu ho kapitál boot sira – inklui ZEESM, Tasi Mane, estrada nasionál, Portu Tibar no Aeroportu Dili – kontinua atu hala’o.

Iha sumariu husi workshop ne’e iha Governu no Ministériu Finansas nia website sira, no portavós estadu nian publika komunikadu imprensa ida.

2016 Budget Process

The preparation phase of the budget will take until the end of June, with the Ministry of Finance helping each state agency to prepare its submission. Between July and September, the Budget Review Committee will discuss and revise the submissions, submitting a complete budget to the Council of Ministers for approval. If past practice is repeated, none of this will be public before it is decided.

On 15 October, the Government will present its proposed budget law to Parliament for evaluation by the specialized standing committees followed by plenary approval. The Ministry expects that Parliament will consider changes in a closed-door "Ad-Hoc Committee," rather than a transparent public debate. Following Presidential promulgation, the budget will become law.

Prosesu Orsamentál 2016

Faze preparasaun orsamentál sei too fim de Juńu, no Ministériu Finansas sei ajuda kada órgaun estadu hodi prepara sira nia submisaun. Entre fulan Jullu no Setembru, Komisaun Revizaun Orsamentál sei diskute no halo revizaun ba submisaun sira no aprezenta orsamentu final ba Konsellu Ministru hodi aprova. Karik esperiénsia tinan pasadu ne’e repete, sei la publika buat ida molok hetan desizaun.

Iha loron 15 Outubru Governu sei aprezenta nia proposta lei orsamentu ba Parlamentu nasionál hodi halo avaliasaun liu husi komisaun espesializada no tuir mai sei aprova iha plenária. Ministériu espera katak Parlamentu sei konsidera mudansa sira iha Komisaun Eventual ne’ebé taka ba públiku duke liu husi debate públiku ne’ebé nakloke. Hafoin Prezidente promulga, lei orsamentu sei vigor.

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