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‘Letters’ page, THE AGE, January 21, 2005.

Let arbiter settle Timor oil dispute

The dispute over the oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea continues and Woodside Petroleum has, in effect, thrown its hands in the air and given up on the project.

Both governments have taken intransigent positions over the issue of a permanent maritime boundary, from which neither side will budge.

It is therefore time that an independent arbiter stepped in to resolve the dispute once and for all. East Timor is more than open to having the matter resolved before the international courts that handle such disputes.

This raises the question as to why our Government is not open to this option. Could it be that it knows it is in the wrong and the decision will come down in favour of East Timor?

All the goodwill that aid from Australia can buy in the region is dissipated by the bullying of the poorest nation in the world by our Government.

Christopher Paul, Elwood