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The Timor Sea Justice Campaign is an independent campaign made up of concerned individuals of various ages and professions working alongside a range of non-government organizations to bring about a just and prompt resolution to the Timor Sea dispute.

The Timor Sea Justice campaign believes that as a sovereign nation, East Timor has the right to settle its boundaries with neighbouring countries and to benefit from its natural resources, particularly at the time that this new nation needs the revenue from resources in the Timor Sea to develop and provide its citizens with basic services such as schools and hospitals.

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign believes that East Timor should control all of the gas and oil fields it is entitled to under current international law, by the establishment of a permanent maritime boundary.

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign aims to lobby the Australian government to be a friendly and cooperative neighbour to East Timor, building on the goodwill between the two nations, and to respect the economic, social and cultural rights of the East Timorese and East Timor's full sovereign rights under international law.