Niger Delta Women for Justice


We the women of the niger delta in the consultative meeting held in banjul, gambia from 7th to 12th august
2000, under the auspices of international alert,having reviewed the situation in the niger delta
especially as it affects women note as following:

That through several years of exploitation by both the federal government of nigeria and the multinational
oil companies operating in the niger delta, the region is the most backward, most neglected and most
underdeveloped part of nigeria.

That considering that not many women's groups have worked towards getting justice for women, the niger
delta women should fight for their rights and seek compensation for atrocities committed against women
through legal redress.

That due to harmful practices by the multinationals in the exploration of oil, our environment has become
devastated and our means of livelihood has been destroyed.

That we the womenn of the niger delta suffer more directly from the impact or oil exploration and
exploitation as we do not have anywhere else to go but to stay put in the devastated environment and suffer
the consequences of crude oil exploitation.

That the government and multinational oil companies have little respect for the welfare and survival of
the poeples of the niger delta.

That the federal government has so far refused to convene a sovereign national conference to address the
issues of our survival as artiiculated in the kaiama declaration, ogoni bill of rights, aklaka declaration
of the egi people, the oron bill of rights, the warri accord, resolutions of the first urhobo economic
summit, ikwerre declaration and all other such positions of the people of the niger delta.

That these activities of the government and multinationals in the niger delta region led to the
agitation of our youth, which resulted in militarisation of our region and violation of our
rights by the killing of our people, maiming of our children and raping and harassing of our girls and

That there is deliberate policy of marginalisation of our people in the federal establishment and a total
absence of federal presence in the grassroots areas of the region.

In view of all of the above and after due deliberation, we the women of the niger delta resolve
as follows:

1. that all laws inimical to the development of the niger delta people be repealed including the 1999
constitution particularly focus.

2.that an immediate plan for the development of the niger delta be established i.e. building of grade a
roads and telecommunications networks, electricity, tertiary institutions, potable water, modern river
transportation and well equipped and staffed hospitals.#

3.the militarisation of the niger  delta and compensation and rehabilitation of all victims of
military occupation especially raped womenin choba,ogoni, kaiama, odi, oleh, effurun, and so on.
4. that all victims of oil spillages and fire disasters be compensated and treated.e.g. victims of
jesse, oviri court, etiema.

5. that all qualified youths in the niger delta region be gainfully employed by government and multinationals
and those summmarily dismissed be reinstated.

6. that the percentage of interest payable on all micro credit loans should be determined by
participating women.

7. that the 13% derivation fund accruing to the oil producing states should not be diverted into the
funding of the nddc. And as a policy 70% of any nddc contracts aaaaaaaand staff recruitment should
earmarked for qualified and capable women of the Niger Delta .
That all exploration, production and all other activites should be suspended with immediate effect
until amenities, water, electrivty, water transportation, hospitals, schools and so on, are
provided in the niger delta.

9.that the multinationals and government desist from making allegations of sabotage without proper
investigations of any spill and stop the indiscriminate use of youths of the niger delta for
cleaning up exercises without appropriate protection as a result of which their life span is reduced

10. the niger delta woman be empowered economically in order that she may claim her rights to political
11.that a law be enacted making it mandatory for the oil companies to take responsibility for the welfare
of any child and the mother of such child born out of the company's staff's promiscous activities.

12. that forthwith any act that will further devastate the environment (our aquatic and ecological
environment) be stopped immediately and all devastated environment be cleaned up.

13. that henceforth all oil companies and sub-contractors adhere to all regulations and laws
that apply to global environment standards and eia reports must be made public.

14. that we be represented in all decision making processes that affect us in the niger delta.

15.that we totally support all the declarations of the ethnic natrionalities of the niger deltai.e. resource
control, self determination and true federalism.

16. that all those unjustly detained should be released with immediate effect.
17.that this consultative meeting henceforth be knowen as the banjul accord 2000.

18. that the only solution to peace in the niger delta is justice.

Jennifer pere
Sokari ekine
Niger delta women for justice

Emem j. okon
Women in nigeria

Chief mrs uku
Warri ladies vanguard

Jereoma thomas
Niger delta dev programme

Mrs odua
Egi women council

Annkio opurum briggs
Agape is a birthright

Nita nunieh
Gender rights action

Lady ngochindo
Eleme women co-operative society

Caroline nagbo
Federation of ogoni women

Barinem forghe
Ogoni students

Chief mrs agbatutu
Urhobo ladies association
National council of women societies " uvwie lg chapter


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