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Niger Delta Women for Justice

 Last update: 4/5/03

"Egi women are farmers, fisherwomen and hunters. With all the flaming and pumping oil into our swamp areas they have denied us every living thing. Today we have no hope while they are making billions of naira with our gifts from God. They dont care or hear our cry. When we cry the oil companies will only throw tear gas on us and beat us and drive us out of our land." Egi Woman.

"Ken died because of your own riches and my own riches, for your life and for my own life. Abacha used his army to arrest him and kill him. His last words are that we should use our brains and our pens to fight the battle." Ogoni Women's Song.


July/August 2002: on Thursday 8th August we over 3000 women from oil producing communities (Itsekiri, Ijaws, Ilajes) whose environment and livelihood have been destroyed by oil and gas exploitation activies went to the premises of Shell and Chevron-Texaco, some of the multinational oil companies carrying out oil and gas exploitation on our lands. Apart from placards calling on the oil companies to compensate us on the gas flaring we were unarmed.  However this peaceful protest was dramatically abused by the oil companies when they brought in vehicles filled with soldiers..........

You can kill the messenger but not the message!

    ABOUT NDWJ: Since its founding in December 1998, NDWJ has received a small amount of funding in the form of one parti-time worker and office space from ERA (Friends of the Earth Nigeria) NDWJ's work is carried out by local women who volunteer their time and skills on a regular and part-time basis. We have just received funding from the X-min-Y Solidarity Fund based in the Netherlands and from the Global Fund For Women.  The funds are to run a Human Rights Training Project and a Micro-credit scheme in Egi respectively. NDWJ is grateful to x-y and GFW for providing them with this opportunity to extend their work in the ND.  We have also received US$1445 towards the HIV/Aids project from Global Green Grants Fund and a special note of thank you to the Center for Economic Justice for making it possible.

NDWJ is hosted by Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa:

Kabissa is a non-profit capacity-building organisation that seeks to further democratic change and social justice in Africa by providing a space on the Internet for the African non-profit sector.


NDWJ Annual Reports for 2000 & 2001

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Ike Okonta & Oronto Douglas


A Report of the NDWJ on the Delta Women Seige onthe AmericanOil CompanyChevron -Texaco Delta State of Nigeria.

Emem Okon


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