This product is designed to highlight Australia's potential for petroleum resources and development. It uses current web technologies to enhance the presentation of the data. It is primarily made up of 3 interactive components. These are:

An Overview For Investors
Guidance Notes for Applicants
Geology and Data Availability

See below for more detail on these components.

Home Page

The home page is the core of the product. The above mentioned 3 components comprise the main content of the product and are highlighted as you scroll your mouse over the images of the individual components. The home page also contains side bar links which reference to other valuable information such as contacts, products and images (either on the CD or to external links). External links or images will open a new browser window so you maintain your current location on the CD. Links within the CD will open in your current browser window and you can navigate back by using the 'back' button on the tool bar.

The home page and all subsequent pages are designed to be viewed at a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.


If you require printouts of any of the presented data there are several options to be aware of. If you want to print out an individual html page, it is recommended that you set your printer to landscape, to ensure that you capture all the data. There is also the option of using the print option on each html page which links directly to a printable PDF version of the data. The PDF files consist of whichever one of the 3 main components you are currently browsing in. For example:

"2003_green.pdf" is a complete PDF version of the "Guidance Notes For Applicants" component;

"2003_red.pdf" is a complete PDF version of the "An Overview For Investors" component; and

for the Geology and Data Availability, each individual release area has its own PDF file.

An Overview For Investors

This text based component provides information of interest to parties considering investment in oil and gas in Australia. The navigation bar in the top banner allows you to navigate between the pages in this component.

Guidance Notes for Applicants

This text based component outlines the issues which should be considered when making an application for acreage in this release. The navigation bar in the top banner allows you to navigate between the pages in this component.

Geology and Data Availability

This page is designed to allow you to quickly navigate between the various release areas available in the 2003 package. It also provides a handy reference location of each of the release areas. A fly-through movie, draped over a 3D bathymetric image, graphically illustrates the location of each block available for release around Australia.

From this page select a release area to access the information available on that area. This data includes location, graticular block data, regional geology, exploration history, petroleum potential, data availability, figures, references and a movie overview of the release area. To play the movie, click on the movie window. To stop the movie, click again on the movie window.


The Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources has tried to make this product as accurate as possible. However, it does not guarantee that this information is totally accurate or complete. Therefore you should not rely solely on this information when making a commercial decision.


This work is copyright. It may be reproduced in whole or part subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgment of the source and no commercial usage or sale. Reproduction for purposes other than those indicated above requires written permission of the Commonwealth. Requests and inquiries should be addressed to the Manager, Corporate Communications, Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, GPO Box 9839, Canberra Act 2601.