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Tetum iha kraik

Download printable PDF flyer in English or Tetum.

Link to brief report and photos from the debate in the June 2007 La'o Hamutuk Bulletin.

Our Money
Comes from the Timor Sea . . . to where?

All people of Timor-Leste need to know the policies of our next government for managing our petroleum money, for our lives today and in the future, for our children and grandchildren. La’o Hamutuk and FONGTIL are organizing a public debate among all the political parties:

How to Manage Money from Petroleum to Develop Timor-Leste

Thursday, 21 June 2007
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
KONI Building, near UNTL, Dili

Across from the Parliament, past the National University and Gymnasium buildings. Or enter from the south opposite the PNTL headquarters.

Come participate!

In 50 years, Timor-Leste’s petroleum will be used up. Our Government should prepare for the future, thinking of ways to reduce our dependency on money from petroleum. Each political party wants to lead our nation. We must understand their thinking about how they will manage the petroleum money before we go to vote.

The debate will be in Tetum. English translation will be provided.

For more information or directions call 3325013 or 7279574 or email .

  • LA’O HAMUTUK: Timor-Leste Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis
  • FONGTIL: Timor-Leste NGO Forum
  • KSUTL: Solidarity Council, University of Timor-Leste

LA’O HAMUTUK                        KSUTL                       FONGTIL

Ita Nia Osan
Mai husi Tasi Timor . . . Ba nebe?

Povu Timor-Leste tomak tenke hatene politika Governo foun nian kona ba maneja osan husi petróleo ba ita nia moris agora no futuru, ita nia oan no bei oan sira. La’o Hamutuk no FONGTIL organiza debate públiku ida entre partidu polítiku hotu ho tema:

Oinsa Maneja Osan husi Petróleo ba Dezenvolve Timor-Leste

Quinta, 21 Junhu 2007
08.30 - 18.00
Iha Salaun KONI, besik UNTL

Mai Partisipa !

Iha tinan 50 mai, Timor nia petróleo hotu ona. Ita nia Governu tenke prepara ba futuru, hanoin oinsa bele hamenus ita nia dependensia ba osan husi petróleo. Partidu sira hakarak manan atu ukun ita nia nasaun. Ita tenki hatene sira nia hanoin kona ba maneja osan husi petróleo, antes ita boot sira hakat ba fatin votasaun nian.

Keta Haluha !

Se ita preciza informasaun tan, bele kontaktu 3325013 ka 7279574 ka email .

  • LA’O HAMUTUK: Institutu Ba Monitor no Analiza Rekonstrusaun iha Timor-Leste
  • FONGTIL: Forum ONG Timor-Leste
  • KSUTL: Konselhu Solidaride Universitariu Timor-Leste

Bele download iha  English ka Tetum.

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