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The DLA Piper law firm put out a press release highlighting its role in the Boundary Treaty, which was amplified by DLA Piper guides Timor-Leste to historic treaty with Australia (Sol Dolor, Australasian Lawyer) and Firm sees historic maritime treaty through (Asia Business Law Journal). According to papers filed under the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Timor-Leste's Maritime Boundaries Office has paid DLA Piper's U.S. division $5 million in the last year and a half, mostly for expenses connected with the conciliation, UN activities and lobbying to "strengthen U.S.-Timorese bilateral relations." Richard Smotkin, one of two consultants hired by DLA Piper at $10,000/month, was IRI Country Representative in Timor-Leste 15 years ago, before he joined the U.S. company Comcast. Smotkin has recently come under attack for arranging a Moroccan trip by Trump (anti-)Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt while Smotkin was being paid by Morocco.

We have no information about how much Timor-Leste paid DLA Piper outside the United States. However, their payments to U.S. lobbyists, as well as the work performed and the lobbyists involved, are published in reports to the U.S. government, as:

PeriodFARA reportTotal paid by RDTL
to DLA Piper/U.S.
Total DLA Piper disbursed
for Timor-Leste account
Disbursed for
conciliation case

The MBO also pays $1 million per year plus expenses to Greenberg Traurig, a major U.S. law firm, "to provide government relations services on foreign relations issues of concern to Timor-Leste." The original agreement was signed in April 2016, and it was extended for a second year in May 2017. Former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was a partner in Greenberg Traurig until he became Donald Trump's personal attorney in May 2018.