Dili, 4 May 2006

Translated from Tetum original, below. 

First of all we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the people who died and our solidarity to those who are suffering, as a consequence from the violent action which began on the 28th of April 2006.

With regards to the current situation in Timor-Leste following the demonstration by the "petitionists" in Dili, at which other people took the opportunity to burn cars and destroy government building, burning of houses and destroying the people's possessions, and then resulted in the confrontation between the "petitionist group" and the security forces which resulted in people being wounded and some being killed, we the Survivors of the Santa Cruz Massacre, 12th  November 1991, would like to declare the following: 

  1. The independence which we enjoy right now was very costly. Many people from lorosae or loromonu, kaladi or firaku suffered, lost all their belongings and even lost their own lives in order to purchase this Independence. Therefore we appeal to everyone to value this Independence and maintain stability, so that the People who have survived can live according to what we have always dreamed;

  2. We appeal to everyone NOT TO BELIEVE in the issues, rumors or lies which some people have spread in order to damage our stability. These persons do not like to see our People live in happiness and in peace. They are against the principle of Independence. They are against the Independence of this People and this Country;

  3. We appeal to everyone to who loves this Country and its People to STOP with the lies, STOP with the issues of lorosae-loromonu and STOP the violence!!!

  4. We TOTALLY REJECT all actions which are against Public Order and with the intention to bring down the Constitutional Government or other Sovereign Bodies. Whoever wishes to bring down the Parliament or the Constitutional Government of RDTL, they must do so through the proper channels, which are General Elections;

  5. We appeal to the competent authorities to arrest and punish whoever creates and spread these issues, rumors or lies with the intention to frighten and destroy the people of this nation. For us, issues, rumors or lies which make people afraid or panic constitute a Criminal Act;

  6. We appeal to the PNTL to continue their mission to guarantee security with wisdom and professionalism inside the community;

  7. We appeal to everyone with goodwill, specially the Sovereign Bodies, to conduct National Reflections and to solve any issue expeditiously before they explode and impact negatively on many people;

  8. We appeal to the "petitionists" and to others who have committed Violent Actions in Dili to surrender themselves to the competent authorities;

  9. We appeal to the competent authorities to prosecute the architects of the Violent Actions which took place on the 28 of April 2006 professionally, respecting their rights as East Timorese;

  10. We support the RDTL Government's decision to survey and reconstruct the houses which were destroyed following the Violent Actions;

  11. We support the Sovereign Bodies' move to set up a new committee to resolve the "petitionists'" question quickly;

  12. We appeal to the whole community, specially the youth in the neighborhoods and villages, to assist in providing security at everyone’s place, in cooperation with the village authorities or State Security (Institutions);

  13. Our People has suffered too much already. (They) must suffer and die no more. Let them live in peace in order to work and live their lives;

  14. Finally, once more we appeal to the community to never believe in lies, to stay at home, to not panic and to continue to trust in our authorities who are in charge of the security of everyone.


Many thanks.

Dili, 4th of May 2006


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Uluk nanain ami hakarak hatoo ami nia sentidus kondolencias ba maluk sira be mate, no solidariedade bot ba sira be terus, hanesan konsequencia husi Asaun Violencia nebee hahu husi loron 28 de Abril 2006 liu ba.

Haree ba situasaun oras nee lao dadaun ita rain Timor Leste hafoin maluk "peticionistas" sira halao demonstrasaun iha Dili laran nebee halo com que ema seluk aproveita sunu kareta no estraga uma governu nian, sunu uma no estraga populasaun nia sasan, i depois hamosu konfrontasaun "grupu peticionistas" ho Forsa Seguransa nian nebee halo ema kanek no balu mate, ami Sobreviventes Massakre Santa-Cruz, 12 Novembru 1991 hakarak hatoo mensagem hanesan tuir mai nee:

  1. Independencia nebee oras nee ita hetan nia folin karun teb-tebes. Ema barak husi loro sae ka loro monu, kaladi ka firaku terus, soe sasan no riku soi tomak too soe sira nia vida rasik hodi sosa Ukun Rasik An. Tamba nee, ami husu atu ema hotu fo valor ba Independencia nee hodi hakiak lisuk estabilidade, atu nunee povu mate restu ida nee bele hadia nia mouris hanesan buat nebee uluk ita hotu mehi ona;

  2. Ami husu ba ema hotu atu LABELE FIAR Isu, Rumoris ka Lia Bosok nebee ema balu soe atu estraga ita nia estabilidade. Ema sira nee la’gosta povu ida nee mouris diak no hakmatek. Sira kontra principiu Ukun Rasik An. Sira Anti Independencia Povu ho Rai ida nee;

  3. Ami husu ba ema hotu nebee maka hadomi duni Rai ho Povu ida nee atu PARA ho Lia Bosok, PARA ho Isu Lorosae-Loromonu no PARA  ho Violencia !!!

  4. Ami REJEITA TOTAL hahalok hotu nebee kontra Ordem Publiku ho intensaun atu hatun Governu Konstitucional no Orgaun Soberanu legal sira seluk. Se deit maka hakarak hatun Parlamentu ka Governu Konstitucional RDTL ida nee, tenki liu husi mekanismu propriu maka, Eleisoins Gerais;

  5. Ami husu ba autoridades kompetentes atu kaer no kastigu se deit maka hamouris no soe Isu, Rumores ka Lia Bosok ho intensaun atu halo tauk no sobu povu iha nasaun ida nee. Ba ami, Isu, Rumores ka Lia Bosok nebee halo ema barak tauk no paniku hodi halai rungu-rangga hanesan Hahalok Krime ida;

  6. Ami husu ba Forsa PNTL atu mantem sira nia missaun hodi garante nafatin seguransa ho matenek no profecionalismu iha povu nia let;

  7. Ami husu ba ema tomat nebee ho hanoin diak, li-liu Orgaun Soberanu tomak atu halo Refleksaun Nacional, hodi labele demora tan resolve problema ruma, antes nia sai bot i nunee, fo impaktu negativu ba ema barak;

  8. Ami husu ba maluk "peticionarius" no maluk sira be komete Asaun Violencia iha Dili laran atu entrega an ba autoridades sira be iha kompetencia;

  9. Ami husu ba autoridades kompetentes atu processa autores nebee halo Asaun Violencia nebee hahu husi loron 28 de Abril 2006 ho profecionalismu, sem viola sira nia direitu hanesan ema timor oan;

  10. Ami konkorda no apoia decisaun governu RDTL hodi halo levantamentus i hadia fila fali populasaun nia uma ho sasan nebee hetan estragus depois de Asaun Violencia liu ba;

  11. Ami konkorda no apoia decisaun Orgaun de Soberania sira hodi hari komisaun foun atu resolve lalais problema "peticionariu";

  12. Ami husu ba populasaun tomak, li-liu juventude sira iha bairrus ka sucus atu ajuda halo seguransa iha ida-idak nia fatin, em kooperasaun ho autoridades sucus ka Seguransa Estadu nian sira;

  13. Ita nia povu terus barak ona. Labele terus no mate tan. Husik sira mouris hakmatek hodi serbisu hadia sira mouris;

  14. Ikus liu, dala ida tan ami husu ba populasaun sira atu labele fiar tan Lia Bosok, hela hakmatek iha uma, keta paniku no fo nafatin konfiansa ba ita nia autoridades sira nebee kaer seguransa ba povu tomak nian.

                                     PARA HO ISU LORO SAE – LORO MONU !
                                     PARA HO LIA BOSOK  !
                                     PARA HO VIOLENCIA !                           

Obrigadu barak.-

Dili, loron 04, fulan Maiu 2006


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